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    the 5 pack is awesome imo, black cc i cant wait to get a few

    the customs they have there are way to kewl looking and look way to much like 25th anniversary figs for them not to release them, i would bet they'll release them depending on how people reacte to them

    thats what im hoping to see, is more of the obscure figs like pythona or hopefully wraith, i sure hope they release these customs at some point

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    I love the Buzzer and Beach Head. Very nice. I'm disapointed in the 5-pack. If not for that wicked cool black Cobra Commander, I don't think I would have gotten this 5-pack. Serpentor is going to take some getting used to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syna3sthesia
    I hope that silly hat on lady jaye is removable....I always hated that even on the original, as far as the dissappointed. They should went with the original look...
    Buzzer, Beachhead are extremely well done.
    Im also tired of even more storm shadows...cmon Hasbro give us something else...other than that the 5 pack is great. I especially like that Cobra Commander.
    i agree with you whole heartedly on the multiple Storm Shadows and Lady Jaye's hat but not the Serpentor...i think it's a great infusion of creativity to the's really refreshing to see a completely new representation (at least to the 3 3/4 line if not the comics)...and we all know full well that Hasbro will slap a new head on that sucker a few waves away and give us "the classic" version...
    what i really want to see are painted versions of Firefly, Zartan and Stalker...
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    I like the new style on Serpentor better then the original (which I never really cared for), but is odd for an "anniversary figure" to look more like a current comic book version, then the original...but I liek it better so I am not gonna cry.

    Lady Jaye, I will cry about a little; I hope the hat is removable (doesn’t look like it is) or they make a variant without the hat. ‘cause with the hat on, I’m not digin' it much at all (and this the first 25th ann fig that I had any problems with)

    Otherwise the rest all look hot. And I will buy them all (even Lady Jaye, with her funky hat )
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    I'm willing to bet you can take a page from the Hasbro customizers for Lady Jaye. Cut the pony tail off of a Scarlet head and slap that thing to her neck!

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    So anyone think we'll end up with a situation like the figures for the first X-Men movie and have "sexy" and "modest" Lady Jaye varients?

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    I think Lady Jaye looks great, like an updated version of the vintage figure.

    I don't read the comics so the Serpentor(who has always been low, low, low on the Joe list for me) is even less essential. I'm guessing that Zartan is somehow comic related as well cuz his outfit looks strange.

    Can't wait to see some of the unpainted


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    Customs or the Future?

    Something is up with those Hasbro customs. I don't remember ever seeing a toy company do that before. So they had to have a good reason for it. Here is my theory based on the fact that many toy companies do in-house customs like these in order to brainstorm cost cutting steps on new figures. As we have already seen, Hasbro is trying hard to reuse as many parts as possible to shave production costs. It's been done many times even in the vintage line (Example: Sky Patrol). So I am betting Hasbro is testing the buzz these customs get from fans. If the feedback is positive, then they go into serious production and they already have a proven prototype. Of course if it sucks, they just saved themselves tons of R&D / production costs. All a brilliant idea by Hasbro. If it is true, I can see Hasbro Execs, laughing how they have fans BEGGING them to create a 25th Anniversary Sgt. Slaughter figure out of a bunch of old Gung-Ho parts. Oh, how twisted and ironic it would be if we do ask Hasbro to make those kit-bashed figures! I hate to say it, but they did a nice job on those customs. So put me in line to buy that Pythona, Airtight and the rest, because they did a great job, in spite of the reused parts.

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    I just want a V1 Storm Shadow single carded.I know I know...But I really would like a single 25th one.
    I hate the serpentor and the red ninja.
    The rest I can't wait!

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    Thanks for the updates, the new Destro figure looks great


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