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    Quote Originally Posted by quintonarledge
    FYI: as of this post, there are only 745 Silver Masked Destros left

    (also, there are less than 100 Medi-Vipers left. Once they are gone, they'll be no more DTC stuff except the RHINO)
    The panic must be setting in, only 655 left, the sold 90 of them in the last 10 minutes


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blayloxzuess
    GREAT! now someone buy the rest of those RHINO's in an attempt for HTS to list the 25th Annv products
    If I wasn't a total clutz I'd pick up another RHINO and try to give it Tiger Force repaint like Carnage717! Check that out in the customs section if you already haven't!

    BTW, does anyone know how many silver and gold Destros had in inventory when the sale first started? And do you think that they'll restock the gold ones?

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    Where do you guys see the number of destros left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syna3sthesia
    Where do you guys see the number of destros left?
    Go to and add an item to your cart. Then play around with "update quantities" until you see a message in red text that states the item is no longer available

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    oh wow....that simple...haha...Thanks....Got me another one so that I can open it!

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    Not really Destro related, but more Hasbortoyshop, but the two Marvel Legends related exclusives are readily available. Seems kind of suprising given the collector's nature of the line. But if you want a Stan Lee figure and/or She Hulk who can dress up like a lawyer, they are still there.

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    I kinda want that ML Stan Lee. Stan Lee... Now thats a real PIMP right there!
    I'M A MAC

    NEEDED: SDCC Gold PDD, SDCC Blue Suited CC, SDCC TTT SGT. Slaughter, SDCC Starscream, SDCC Shockwave, FSS Nano BATs, FSS Desert Scorpions & FSS CGIs, MISB/UNUSED MIB M.A.S.K. stuff, a factory tachometer for a 65 Chevy Impala, lawyers, guns & money...

    Want LiSSt...

    Dondi CIA
    Bates AIO
    Dream TDK
    Jepsy TRD
    Bob Ross PBS

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    that stan lee is preaty sick guys. and it has his autograph on the box. i picked one at the show for me and liked it enough that i ordered 2 more today. not a fan of the she hulk though. but each his own

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    I got a silver Destro which is all I wanted. I didn't really want the gold anyway since I think the silver looks better. (And isn't that something odd to say on a figure with leapard print on it?)

    I wish I knew about this earlier today but I had to be at work. :/ I missed out on the Rodimus and the R2-KT. I really wanted those.

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    I pre-ordered 3 from and ebay scalper(2 gold and 1 silver)
    Then I saw this and bought 1 silver.I am glad I got the 2 gold ones as it seems that the scalpers were sitting on the computer on the hasbro toy shop site and bought the gold ones all up.


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