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    I'm not sure if this whole ordeal was fair, but I am glad that non SDCC attendees got a shot at having these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    Really? I must be reading another board that mentions scalper x and y selling Destros on eBay.

    The fact is these are a con exclusive and not something you can pick up at Target. You shouldn't be surprised to pay whatever is the current market rate if you didn't attend.
    I'm not surprised. And I don't thing anyone posting here is surprised at all at the current market rate least, I've seen no mention of it. Where are you getting this from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobraferret
    I am sure you will be able to get a R2-KT.It is for a good cause so I am sure they will have enough.I got mine off of ebay from a scalper.
    That is part of the reason I wanted one was that it is for a good cause. If I buy one off eBay it just lines a scalper's pocket. I'll wait to see if they put more out on HTS or some other official source.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Royal Guard
    I didn't know was a convention. That blows the whole idea of convention exclusives. Hasbro has to be one of the worst companys in my opinion for customer service.
    I agree, that does kind of suck that they were selling Con exclusives on there site. Don't get me wrong, I still bought them & it worked out well for me, but like Dockingbay said, people who went to the Con spent a crap load of money to get there, waiting in lines for the "Sold Out" convention exclusive destro figures, then come back home & they are being sold on HTS for $9.95 a pop... that's just not right.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blayloxzuess
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    When I looked at 12 PM PST there were 992 PDDs. (I tried maxing out the order to find out how many were left, as people here have done with the HTS clearance stuff) That total dropped like a rock, and when I checked again a little after 3PM PST, they were gone.

    At least I still have a shot at the She-Hulk and Menosaur!

    Re: selling these on HTS - I'm also a pretty steady SW collector. I wasn't able to make Celebration 4, so my collection of McQuarrie concept figures was going to be short a couple of figures. Thanks to having the droid pack afterwards, I was able to keep the collection going. However, I failed to pull the trigger on the Luke Starkiller figure, and they've been sold out for a couple weeks. I liked having the opportunity, that's all. Hasbro COULD have put the extra stock up on eBay themselves. (Palisades had a very active eBay account when they were still around)

    Bottom line, though, is if I don't manage to find any of the exclusives from friends who went or off HTS, it's not the end of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetski333
    I want to thank synthesia for the email bro I really appreciate that! I got in time to order the silver destro but gold-head was out of stock. If someone could hook me up w/ a gold one (for a reasonable price) I would really be grateful.
    No problem man, the one day I look away from this site for a couple of hours and I totally miss it but hey...I got the 2 silver ones so I'm happy!

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    wow i missed out on the fun and i was online 8:00am. money is tight anyway oh well.i would like to pick up that stan lee figure.what is the production run on the pddestro 1000-3000?

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    Do you think they'll have them again? I totally missed out on buying them.
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    doubt it man, sorry


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