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    Destro at

    I just bought both Destros at $26.37 with shipping.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I just got one of each.

    Looks like (right now, as of 10:50am EST) they only have 6 left of the Gold.
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    Thanks for the info! Enter Comic2007 in promo code to save 10%

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    I just ordered mine about 10 min ago and now the Golds are gone.

    HasbroToyShop really underestimated the demand for this piece at Comiccon. The booth was sold out by Noon on Thursday. Im extremely disappointed with the way they handled the whole event. The whole ticket system to get into the booth ended up being a huge mess. I was pretty ticked off all of Comiccon after not being able to get these figs there. Im really glad to be able to get them at all though. By Saturday afternoon I saw these guys going for $50 in some of the booths.
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    Got one to hang in the toy room!!!

    And in the process, snagged a TF Alternators Rodimus!!!

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    I had one in the shopping cart but they don't ship to the UK so I've missed out again

    But if anyone picks up a spare
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snake-eyes01
    Enter Comic2007 in promo code to save 10%
    Thanks again for the promo code! It was almost like free shipping.
    I'M A MAC

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    Want LiSSt...

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    destros back in stock now

    thought let you all no befor hese gone agin.

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    Silver's out of stock now.


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