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    Hi Cobra Mortal, welcome! Is good to know someone else interested in the Plastirama figure too!
    Thanks for the pictures, this vehicle is the only one I 've got no boxed.
    If you could post some pictures from the driver, is breaker with zap torso?
    Welcome again and regards!

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    Hi, stil. thanks ! i only have that pic here. i have my collection in argentina. and im still working in japan now.
    but the body is exactly to Breaker but without green communications backpack.

    i working in a plastirama site. i hope finish soon

    im restoring blisters of Cobra Mortal, Redmark, Shimik, etc. but i missing Manleh and Topson blister some one have a hight resolution scan ?

    Im still working in Cobra Mortal Blister. check it out!

    I restore the arm and bubble part.
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    And incredible images, thank you. We eagerly welcome any submissions you have to offer.

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    Cobra Mortal, very nice work! Awesome!! Thanks again for the pic!

    Skil, here are some pics of the Canon Rodante contents. The Breaker is the same as the carded release. (It is generally in the Mexican vehicle releases where the figure parts got mixed around sometimes. I haven't seen it in any of the Argentina releases. Please let me know if you have.).

    Take care,

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    OMG!!! great pic airedevon i only have the box, instructions and the tank ensambled.
    i hope you can help me with some scan of stickers for the plastirama site

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    Cobra Mortal, yes, I will be happy to help. I have scans of almost all the Plastirama vehicles. Just let me know which ones you need, and where to send them.


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    do u know anyone who owns glenda original moc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitch6lack
    do u know anyone who owns glenda original moc?

    now theres one that is badly needed!
    "We Will be victorious"!--Iron Claw
    ACTION FORCE and ACTION MAN website here

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    anyone going to update this site?

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    i have a darker tan zap with blond hair Falcon Piloto who came with the delta glider. he is darker than the us tan grunt or the brazil tan zap (closer in color to red mack in the body


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