Toy identification help needed.

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    Question Toy identification help needed.

    Hi dudes,
    I have been given some of my cousin's stuff to sell on. There's not much but some figures/aliens/monsters don't have ID's and I was wondering if any of you knew who these were.

    Aliens Group Pic (not sure on the orange alien's name?)
    Robot Wars figure. I think it's Shunt?
    Figs #1
    Figs #2

    I know in figs picture one that Doctor Octopus is there and is a 12" fig, what are the AM figs names? One is doctor x. Who is the other dude?
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    "Figure" is Stace Allie (or something like that) she came with a speeder.

    Figure 1 - I think the 2 on the right are Action Man, or Maxx Steele

    Figure 2 - Weird giant knock-off Chewie?, Count Dooku, unknown, a rebel pilot of some sort, Kashykk Trooper (biker scout) came with a speeder bike, and of course one of hundreds of Vader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Saboteur
    Aliens Group Pic (not sure on the orange alien's name?)

    I think that orange alien is Edger the bug from the first Men In Black movie
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    Alien #1 is a Queen Alien from the early 1990's Alien series. It appears to be missing the baby alien that came with it.

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    On figures #2, the second one is an Episode II Count Dooku missing cape, both lightsabers, and hologram Sidious.

    The green pilot action figure is actually a rare action figure, if you ask me. Its the A-Wing pilot from the green Target exclusive A-Wing Fighter from Star Wars. It is missing its helmet, though. Don't know if it came with a gun.

    The green camouflage action figure is the BARC Trooper from the Revenge of the Sith BARC Speeder.

    The Vader is the Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader, missing its lightsaber. Or its Saga re-issue, but they were the same toy.

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    Exclamation Thanks!

    Many thanks for your help in helping identify these!
    Thank you to Reptilian Popinjay, Dakemesh and Sithviper
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    Monster #2 is from Street Sharks, not sure who it is though.


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