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    Exclamation SDCC Destros

    okay guys and gals. i sent one Destro to yojoeNCSU who replied to the list i made in the other section. I have 2 silver head destros left for yojoers. they will be 11.00 (what i paid with tax) plus 4.85 priority shipping (or 1.00 if you want it shipped in a bubble mailer instead).

    this will be open to everyone. reply to this message with your favorite one liner from any movie or tv show. the winners will be chosen at random by my 7 month old daughter, so don't worry about if yours is the best. I just want a reason to read all the names.

    international guys are welcome too, i will figure out the shipping. quotes do not have to be in english.

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    "Every man dies, not every man really lives."
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    "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun"

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    "cowabunga dude"

    (michaelangelo from tmnt)

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    "The first rule of Fight Club do not talk about Fight Club!"

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    "There is no evil...there is only flesh, and the patterns to which we submit it." - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    "Damn, I just shot Marvin in the face."
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    NEEDED: SDCC Gold PDD, SDCC Blue Suited CC, SDCC TTT SGT. Slaughter, SDCC Starscream, SDCC Shockwave, FSS Nano BATs, FSS Desert Scorpions & FSS CGIs, MISB/UNUSED MIB M.A.S.K. stuff, a factory tachometer for a 65 Chevy Impala, lawyers, guns & money...

    Want LiSSt...

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    I forgot to tell you guys how long. I am going to cut the contest off on wednesday. hopefully, that will give everyone a chance who wants one to get in.


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