nice comic lot 4sale cheap look

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    nice comic lot 4sale cheap look

    hi there i am selling my comics got back into them but changed my mind so this is a good buy all books are nm shape and have a bag and board with em here is what i have
    1. juctice league of america 1.3.
    2. black canary living with sin 1-4
    3. jsa
    4. supergirl
    5. countdown 51.
    6. batman 660 thru 667
    7. detective comics 829 thru 835
    8. wonderwoman
    9. amazons attacks 1.4.5.
    10. brace and the bold 2.
    11. jla seven caskets
    12. superman speeding bullets
    13. birds of prey 109.
    14. supergril and the legion 31.32
    15. teen titans48.49.
    16. legends of the dc universe crisis on infinte earths
    17. sinestro corps special two diffrent covers
    18. green lantern 21.22.
    19. gren lantern corps14.15.
    i would like to sell all these in one lot there are some really good books in here i would take 43 shipped for these not a bad price considering i paid 3-4 bucks a book a great deal for anyone who likes comics pm or email me thank you

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    Talking lowerd price

    hi there how about 30 shipped these have to go i am going to take the cash and buy some gi joe stuff someone has got to need these pm me
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    Talking updated

    hi there these are stil for sale buy them and i will throw the first 4 batman movies on vhs if you want them and spiderman 1 and 2 on vhs also pm me if you are interested thank you

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    what joe stuff are you looking for? i might be interested in a trade.
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