Buried treasure Located after 20 years!


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    Buried treasure Located after 20 years!

    I found out today that my buried treasure was found a week ago. 20 years ago a friend of mine and I buried our joes that we had more than 1 of each in a coffee can in his back yard. They were packed in a coffee can wrapped in tin foil, wax paper, and 3 trash bags. We lost the map years ago. It was supposed to be a "cryo freeze" deal with us, wait 2 years and dig them up but we forgot where the map was. His parents were putting a pool in and found a suspicious container. When opened they found a note and our 20 year old MINT figures. I should get them in mail in a few days.

    The joes were:

    Mine: Stalker, snakeyes 2, 2 cobra officers, tan grunt, Wild Weasel with 2 left arms, Grunt, Zap, and Cover girl.

    His: Duke, cobra commander, gung-ho, flash, clutch, zartan , barroness, and blowtorch.

    my stalker and his baroness has bad o-rings.

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    Cool! When putting in a pool I'd rather find Joes than an old indian burial ground, you know, pesky poltergeists and all.
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    Geez that's crazy dude, thank God aluminum takes nearly 500 years to disintegrate
    http://www.joetoonarchive.com/ - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    although ive never purposly buried any joes, as a kid i would line them up along the fence and shoot them with me bee bee guns

    i havent been to that house in a long time but the last time i was there i still saw all kinds of busted up joes in the dirt along the bottom of the fense

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    Thats pretty cool. Thats nice of them to send it to you instead of just chucking them.
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    kewl! better start 1 of my own hahaha

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    Exclamation WOW! Cool!

    This post gave me pretty much the same feeling I got when first I espied the new 25th single packs on pegs... man, what awesome news!

    Not because of their condition (though probably pretty good), or the money these figs may get you (also a possibility) - just the landmark to the person you were when you and your friend buried 'em.

    Now THAT'S what nostalgia looks like...

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    It will be interesting to compare them to the doubles that i playedwith all these years. They were identical when buried.

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    That's freakin awesome! I never had doubles of figures as a kid so parting with them like this was unthinkable. My joes saw the yard on occasion and many weapons were lost and as well as TF Tripwire...they were never seen again.

    After all these years did you still remember this GI Joe booty was buried?

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    This is an amazing story! You should post pics of the figures here when you get them!


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