Thoughts on AT Recondo

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    Thoughts on AT Recondo

    What do you guys think of the Adventure Team Recondo? What do you like about him?

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    I like the look of him, similar to the 3 3/4 Recondo IMO. I think that his accessories are fitting and the croc is cool. If you can pick him up at Target at the clearance price, I would.

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    He may be my favorite 8 inch figure, period. He also has great weapons and the crocodile is very nice.
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    Yesss! Just scored a second Recondo AT set for $9.98 from Target!

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    Not one of my top 5 but still very good figure! I think the accessory selection is very appropriate, he also seems to be flying off the shelves haha, I never see him up for sale, you were lucky TheBigOne! - Great screenshot archive ;)


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