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    I just got a PM from this guy. He basically said that this is just his dummy account and that he doesn't mind screwing people with this account. His real name is Rob Bowhanon AKA spiritob1 from Andover Kansas (Just outside Wichita). He says he still has his main E-Bay account. Does anyone know what his other account is? And when he gets kicked off for one, will he be suspended from all his accounts? I think when one board member got kicked off, they suspended multiple accounts of his.

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    Based on the "all you need to know" post, I think we're screwed. Fortunately not out money, but out of a lot of Cobra Troopers anyhow!

    From the other thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    Do a search here on YoJoe, Rob Bohanon is bobman, he will just continue to make accounts and you won't get your items or your money back.

    He has done this many, many times to eBay users, YoJoe users and people on other Joe sites.

    He sometimes uses his wife's name Brandy.

    Bottom line he knows the Witchita police department won't do anything about him and that no one will try to collect from him in person.

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    Sorry guys

    But you're all screwed...lots of threads about this POS here's one from when he screwed me.

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    I am sorry to hear about your situation Nevermore and appreciate the link. I think we however did not get screwed because we did not send any money to this human. I wonder if there is a way to ban this person for good?


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    well I guess that depends on what you consider getting screwed. If you sent some figures in a trade and he doesn't send his side and he keeps yours then in my opinion you got screwed.

    As you can see by his posts after screwing people he is actually proud of what he does.

    They keep banning his individual names but he keeps coming back. I think I heard somewhere they couldn't permanately ban him bc he was on aol and it would ban all aol users. I might be totally off but I remember hearing something like that sometime.

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    Angry He really..

    He really should be arrested by now..
    A guy who scams that much just isn't commiting mail fraud.. and for people who generally respect the law .. its them that have to suffer the consequences..
    sadly until something serious is done about this guy.. anyone knew to buying and anyone who doesnt know that name will be at risk.
    Robert Bohanon.. remember the name.. Gish.. It's hard not to forget after seeing his name so much in the forums..
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    There should be a sticky at the top of the trades section warning people about Robert Bohanon. That way any new people that come in and aren't familiar w/the situation don't get screwed. Thats what he waits for. Lets a little time pass, lets some new people in and then hits and runs. What about it MODS? Could we get a sticky?

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    I edited the title of the thread, we should be able to just sticky it now, right?

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    honestly if you are contacted by someone without references it is on you to do some homework before proceeding.

    search his address or his names and you will find all you need to know.

    in the future that is what i would suggest

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    True... but many new people don't know all the do's and don'ts of trading. They see a whole forum doing it and think everything is legit. We know Mr. and Mrs. Bohanon are POS and will be back to try again and again so why not at least attempt to save some people from being ripped off. If anything at least he won't be getting as much stolen stuff from everyone. If people know about him and stop trading with him then perhaps he finally will go away.


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