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    the best bet is to use the good bad traders list.

    an invaluable resource here.

    if they arent on there then dont do the deal

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    Like I said...good advice but we're not solving the problem. Unless you are going to send this message to every new person that comes on you're only preaching to the converted. Thus only helping the people that don't really need any help.

    We know he will be back and try to rip off some people so why not make a sticky about him instead of just another thread to be buried and eventually linked to AFTER someone gets ripped off? Ask the last few people that got ripped off by him if a sticky with his name would have been useful.

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    Talking I think..

    Curt, I think what Nevermore was trying to say was that the first time you start a new hobby everything is all a buzz and so checking if your being screwed my not enter a new collectors head at first thoughts.

    The other possibility is if you constantly advertise these people any potential new collectors might not feel so inviting into getting into the hobby if they know people like bobman are around.

    It isn't always the case, it's just people like bobman rely on uninformed newbies to make their deals.. or in which case stealing. We should get him on "Dog the bountyhunter"
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    we are not the police here and cannot sticky a thread like that.

    people need to take a proactive approach to trading and check on who they are dealing with unless they have established creds.

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    the problem rich is that to few actually do check on who they are dealing with.

    its simple really. do you leave your money with just anyone or do you trust an established bank?

    its impossible to keep a stickied list on bad dealers because no one can agree on the criteria for such a list.

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    Again...great advice but obviously not doing a damn thing about the problem. He keeps coming back and he keeps ripping people off. How many more times does he get to do this, ripping people off left and right for their stuff, before you realize that IT IS NOT WORKING! If it is not working then perhaps something new should be tried.

    You're right we are not the police. U know why? Because the police (at least the Wichitaw KS police) don't give a damn about him ripping us off and refuse to do anything about it. We should not be like them. We should care about our fellow collectors and try to do something about it.

    I really don't see your logic here Curt. You are basically enabling Robert Bohanon to continue doing this to people. You're right too few people do check the good/bad lists. So your solution is to say "Just check the lists."??? How is that a solution? U just said no one checks it so its not much of a help in a situation like this now is it?

    I'm not saying to constantly advertise every bad trader but this is a special case. One that keeps coming back and ripping people off so we need a constant reminder. I'd rather have people know about him than have them get that negative attitude towards trading AFTER being ripped off by him. U know what I mean?

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    you know what would help. putting bobman robert bohannon on the master good bad traders list

    then the name will be seen and ring bells

    and saying im enabling him is laughable. ask nick about how often i alert the yojoe site to bobmans crap

    the fact of the matter is your asking for the yojoe admin and mod staff to police a list that no one can agree on.

    your asking them to babysit traders and buyers/sellers when they have a hard enough time maintaining the content here.

    it is not the yojoe staffs job to monitor trades/deals. it is the responsibility of the people involved in that activity to watch out for their own safety.

    i think bobman is scum of the lowest order but that doesnt change the fact that you are wanting something that just wont happen. unless the yojoe staff change their own minds about this topic.

    a stickied list is a good idea. i like it myself. i have been doing this for 7 years now and can add a lot of names to it lol.

    maybe we can do a poll for the stickied list? if we get a vast majority to ok the list and then can agree on guidelines maybe we can make it happen.

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    Oh and another thing Curt, when I got ripped off by him the good/bad trader section wasn't very helpful because he had positive feedback. What he did was created a new name and the completed a few trades so that he had positive feedback and then all of a sudden turned around and ripped a bunch of us at once. So I did check his feedback. I took your advice and got ripped off. Now had a sticky been up w/his real name I would have known who I was really dealing with when I addressed his package.

    Since he changes names the good/bad trader list is pretty ineffective. You go on there scroll down to whatever name he is now using and there probably won't be bad feedback. There will either be good feedback or no feedback. He is banned once bad feedback starts showing up.

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    Now I am were arguing against a stickied list now you are saying that one is a good idea?

    The big problem is when you make a trade w/someone and look up their feedback you don't see their real name on that list what you see is their forum name. By the time you get the person's real name most people are already addressing their envelopes or writing out their MO's. Hardly anyone I think would go back and look up the name of the real person by that time.

    If we put his name on the master list I doubt many will actually see it with all the hundreds of other traders on it. People will just scan looking for whoever they are about to trade with and never really notice Robert Bohanon (unless it is made to stand out somehow).

    But if we had a sticky at the top w/his name people would probably remember seeing it and double check and would spare them from dealing with the POS.

    I understand there's a good chance it won't happen. If the mods don't want it then its out but I think it should be there and I would venture to say quite a few others share my views.
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    kicking attitude at me isnt helping.

    im telling you how things work here. your asking for a severe rule change. ive given you ideas on how to change them.

    keep treating me like im the bad guy bud. im trying to help and your being a bit rude now.

    its not my fault you got screwed by bobman. its not yojoes fault either. you sent a lot of money to a guy with 4 posts on here. that should have been red flag number 1.

    you want some changes made to the system here then follow some steps i laid out. dont post him is duck sausade or crimguardforce but post his bad deals on the master list as bobman or robert bohhanon.

    want a stickied list? youll need a majority vote on a poll and some serious campaiging and planning before the mods will aloow it.

    dont crawl on my case for spelling things out.


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