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    no i wast arguing against it. i was telling you it wont happen. unless the members here do some serious campaigning for it

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    Curt I'm not trying to treat you like the bad guy...sorry if you are taking it like that.

    What I am saying is what you are suggesting just isn't working and it is going to continue not working. So something else should be tried.

    You kept saying to check the list so I am trying to explain to you why the lists didn't work for me and why others will have difficulty when it comes to Robert Bohanon and the lists.

    I seem to have misunderstood your position. I thought when you said "We're not the police here" that you were saying we shouldn't have a sticky because we aren't the police.

    Like I said it is up to the mods, I'm stating my position on it. If others agree with me then cool. If not then when a mod comes in and says "No" then its over. I'll just go back to trading and watch out for Robert Bohanon and leave everyone to fend for themselves.

    And just for the record I didn't send a lot of $ to him. I sent like $5 and some figs.
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    welcome to the ive been screwed by bobman club, its a party!!!!

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    Try contacting the Kansas Atorney General's office. Sounds like a clear case of net fraud and he should be prosecuted.

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    He is STILL trying to do the deal with me. (Selling me 5 25th anni Cobra Troopers)

    Here is the email address from which he sent me the pictures of the Troopers:

    [email protected]

    I just figured that MAY be helpful. I dont know. But there it is.
    Some people are like Slinkies...
    They are really good for nothing, but they always bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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    Who me

    Do any of you idiots even have anything on me? Last time you all go going on a 3 page thread with NO ONE being ripped off.

    Curt your just as bad, It's been proven several times, AND you haven't even caught half of what I do so don't pat yourself on the back so quick.

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    say what you want bob

    i remember that email you sent me not long ago...a true measure of your character right there pal

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    Rob is right on one point, we did not get screwed (the original 3). It does not mean he is not a ***** and a general petty thief. He will get his sooner than later.

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    MOD EDIT Trolling personal shot deleted END EDIT
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    he'll be back, i wouldnt be surprised if he already is back, he loves to hang out on these boards and see whos talking about him,

    if we all got togther maybe we could do something about him, but we have all tried before and noone would help

    so i say whatever, good luck to all the future people who he tries to rip off

    please double check the name of who your sending the money too, and the general area, you might save yourself some hassle


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