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    Exclamation This needs to be changed.

    The attitude and way we approach this person needs to change. I agree with Nevermore. If the list's aren't working WE as a community need to adapt and share our knowledge.

    It shouldn't be a case of - Let everyone fend for themselves. It isn't Yojoe's responsibility to bring Bobman to justice. However it is the responsibility of the community to lower the risk of new members getting fleeced.

    If say for instance someone says Darth Vader everyone instantly know's who he is.. If Bobman was advertised or presented in such a way people would stay clear of him.

    The tools and weapons we have at our disposal to bring Bobman to Justice are there. The solution is also there, but we do need to stick together as traders of this community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crimguardforce
    Do any of you idiots even have anything on me? Last time you all go going on a 3 page thread with NO ONE being ripped off.

    Curt your just as bad, It's been proven several times, AND you haven't even caught half of what I do so don't pat yourself on the back so quick.
    Sorry, but this quote was too good to pass up. Basically he is defending himself by saying he hasn't screwed anyone and then he admits that he does so much bad stuff that Curt hasn't even caught half of it. LOL.

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    This is all you need.This may or may not help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindbender M.D.
    See page 2:

    Blayloxzuess vbmenu_register("postmenu_234115", true);

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    I just got a PM from this guy. He basically said that this is just his dummy account and that he doesn't mind screwing people with this account. His real name is Rob Bowhanon AKA spiritob1 from Andover Kansas (Just outside Wichita). He says he still has his main E-Bay account. Does anyone know what his other account is? And when he gets kicked off for one, will he be suspended from all his accounts? I think when one board member got kicked off, they suspended multiple accounts of his.

    I don't know where this is from & what it is in referance to. Because this post seems confusing to me, I would just like to clarify to anyone reading this, I am not Bobman nor have anything to do with him.


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    Agreed - Blayloxzuess IS NOT Bobman
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    I second that

    Blayloxzuess is NOT bobman
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    Blaylox is the polar opposite of Bobman. Bobman is a coward, always has been always will be. I have never dealt with him... and I generally avoid Wichita in general with it being the armpit of America.
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    Allrighty, well, if we can't get a sticky on this guy, nothing is stopping us from periodically bumping this thread to the top of the section. Here's my contribution, plus a link to my run in with our good friend Bob:
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    Wow, I just finished reading all of the associated threads with this cat, and, being a newbie, I feel foolish for thinking someone would buy my collection for the amount I wanted while stuff like this is going on. That's sad to take advantage of collectors, or anyone for that matter. Meh, this guy will get his at some point. You can't make a long term career out of screwing people, unless you are a politician.


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    I had a run in with this character too (about 2 years ago) over $25 in a figure lot I bought. Kicker is I filed a complaint with the ICCC and they contacted his sister (he listed this phone number as a contact number). She and I got into huge arguments/debates over the honesty of her brother. Finally, after proving to her he was a thief. Somehow, I received the items.

    I always look here to see what new names this yahoo comes up with so I can block them all.
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