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    Wal-Mart will have some exclusives in the Fall

    TRU Exclusives:

    - Night Force Cobra Troopers 5-pack (25th Anniversary figures)
    - Snake-Eyes with 4 Red Ninja's (Snake-Eyes has green camo pants)

    Senior Ranking Officer pack is another upcoming pack for TRU. It will be done in the [COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Star [/COLOR][COLOR=blue! important]Wars[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] Evolution style like Cobra Soldier, Cober Officer ect. More details on these will be revealed in the coming weeks.

    Q&A Starts:

    - When will fixed crotched figures start coming out? They hope to start seeing them by Christmas.

    - The AWE Striker might have some problems with the 25th Anniversary figures fitting in it, the other vehicles shown today should have no problem with them fitting.

    - Battle Points, will they ever be useable? They just made the spot decision to make them useable somehow.

    - Any chance of seeing the original BAT? It's on the list but know offical release date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freak4ll
    They know the stuff is flying off the shelf and is hard to find, but don't worry cause more stuff is on the way.

    - Special wave at the end of 2007 will be 8 of the boxset figures on single carded figures.

    - Wave 1 2008 single packs. (Pics coming soon)

    Iron Grenadier Destro (Blade Destro) w/removeable sword
    Snake Eyes V1 (All Black)
    Crimson Guard
    Snow Job
    Sgt. Flash (The quilted pattern on his chest will be added to the final product, but the figure on display here does not have it.)

    - As Hasbro goes forward they are fixing the crotches so that they can sit in vehicles.

    - Comic 2-Packs

    Cartoon Deco Schemes
    Tribute Artwork from Ashley Wood and Greg Horn

    - There are some big things coming for these and will be making a big announcement tomorrow. The first waves will be mostly redeco's but then they will reall amp the line up.

    - Comic 2-Pack wave 1: The comic covers are being done by Ashley Wood

    Issue 1: Lady Doomsday (Scarlett & Hawk)
    Issue 21: Silent Interlude (Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes)
    Issue 24: The Comander Escapes (Duke & Hooded [COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Cobra [/COLOR][COLOR=blue! important]Commander[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR])

    Sneak Peek: Wave 2 Dreadnoks

    - Mail away figure in 2008. Doc who got 44% of the vote in the fan poll Hasbro ran for this figure. It will have a brand new stretcher and medical bag. Will use existing parts but will have a lot of detail.

    - DTC wave 4. Wil be released through Master Collector.

    - Vehicles (Target will have 3 exclusve vehicles).

    Blue Hiss (RAH repaint) Tank with a new driver
    Night Spector with Grand Slam (RAH Sharc repaint)
    Awe Striker w/Crank Case (RAH Awe Striker repaint)

    The stickers on these will be just like the ones on the 80's versions.
    Most useful post I've seen on here!

    I personally will hopefully be buying almost everything on here. ESPECIALLY the 25th vehicles.
    Also, I'm surprised that no one (that I've noticed) has posted anything about how the new CG figure looks.
    If you haven't seen this plastic piece of awesomeness, it's right here:
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    Thanks, I have even more for you as the interview panel is going on - from TNI

    Any chance of re-paints of teams like Tiger Force? Not at this time.

    - For the movie they want to pick characters that fans really want to see. The ones with the best action scenes and personalities.

    - Will the movie be Global International? It should be American? It's early, Cobra is a Global threat and the team tends to travel Globaly, but nothing is set as far as the name or being made a Global International team. Hasbro and Paramount are listening to the fans on this.

    - Hasbro plans to explore the different scales, and getting them out there as more retail space is made available for GIJoe.

    - Will the movie follow the stories from the comic? It will have a comic book feel, not to say it will stick to a specific story, but be somewhat like X-Men meets Mission Impossible.

    - Movie toys will be 3 3/4"

    - The Target vehicles will come already assembled but wil have lable sheets. The Packaging will be a little off the vintage track. Windo box that creates a scene with the figure.

    - The movie will be a spring board and are looking at new animation opportunites for GIJoe.

    - Distribution for the toys outside the US should increase as we get closer to the release of the movie.

    - Hasbro has signed a new video game partnership with EA, with the movie the chances seem pretty good of their being a new GIJoe videogame.

    - The comic book once the license ends with DDP, it is still up in the air where it might go.

    - Will Larry Hama have any involement with the movie or comics? It's still very early but they certainly are interested in hearing what he has to say. THey want to tap into that knowledge as much as possible.

    - Will the Marvel Comics or 80's cartoons ever be re-released? It is something they want to do and looking into.

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    Want to see pics of the new HISS!

    Good to see that Hasbro seems to be putting forth the effort to support the Joe brand again. Being a Transformers fan, these last 10 years have been awesome...about time the Joes get the spotlight!

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    Will there be a standard backpack hole for the 25th Anniversary figures? Moving forward, yes they will.

    - Snow Sperpent right now is not on the current list to be made.

    - Any chance of re-releasing older GIJoe video games? They haven't looked at that but it's a great idea.

    - Any future for the 8" line, and will the first couple of 25th Anniversary ever be re-done with fixed sculpts? 8" is in their portfolio and will likely pop up again. For the 25th Anniversary figures, they will try to redo those at some point.

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    I think I just heard my bank accont sob a little bit.

    I will tell you this though - The thought of the exclusives is a little scary. I have only seen one single pack snake eyes in this whole stupid town - so I can't imagine that those five packs or vehicles will stick arond long. I hope they are online as well.

    He better be READILY available. They'd be stupid to make him short packed and hard to find. Granted, they are making ALL of them hard to find right now which is eternally frustrating. I hope they get on the bloody ball.

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    Good stuff, thanks freak. That movie stuff is great to hear.
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    Great news....A lot of stuff coming up!

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    How the heck can anyone complain about ANYTHING on those lists above ok maybe the snow serpent in limbo but the **** that's the best news I've heard for joes in too long

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    When will the convention exclusives but available from MC online?

    I will buy everything as soon as it's available. I wish I had a pre-arrangement with a friend beforehand. This is the best set ever.

    Also, I just saw the pictures of Flash and Grand-slam. I love them right now. They are mock-ups because we are told they will have the quilted pattern. That is cool. I just wish they would have a better laser-rifle than the original. 1986 Sci-Fi's rifle and backpack would have been a better choice, or Sci-Fi's rifle with a modified 1982 Flash backpack.

    Snow-Job is too cool. Destro and the Crimson Guard are awesome.

    I wish the Target HISS were a darker blue instead of the color of the TRU HISS III.
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    Once upon a time there were TV commercials for G.I.Joe comics. They were generated by an ad agency at the clip of four per year. Whatever was shown in the commercial had to be in the comic. I got stuck with Serpentor, Tomax, Xamot and a host of silly characters. I did my best to make them work because it was a matter of doing the job. If you have a squad of losers, you still have to go out on patrol. I drew the line at Cobra-La and a few others. There are no plans for future commercials.


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