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    Quote Originally Posted by cobraferret
    I would like to know these questions too.
    I assume that if the movie gets made then a cartoon will be a given, but I don't want to wait that long! Oh and a decent Wii game would be cool too.

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    What days can I go to Joe convention in Atl?

    I've seen the dates for the GI Joe convention in Atlanta from Thursday-Sunday, and Friday-Sunday. I'm taking off Friday-Saturday to go, since I'm in Atlanta. I'm just interested in going to see the merchandise. I checked the schedule of events for Friday and it says a Private Preview only for the Sales room. Will I be able to visit the merchandise area on Friday? What's the $10 for General Admission and what was the $50 ticket for? It's my first GI Joe convention and it seems the rules and schedule is based similar to the Comic Con that I went to last month and it was the first time I went to that. The information website was kinda unclear for Comic Con so I didn't get much out of it. So I'm wanting to make sure I don't miss out on the GI Joe convention. I've looked over the convention website, but I just want to see if I can clarify what days I can go mainly to visit the merchandise showroom.

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    I hope the following isn't too individualistic a posting for the Official Convention Thread. If so, please accept my apologies and move it elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the Convention this year.

    However, if some kind soul would be willing to keep an eye out for a really good condition Oktober Guard SCHRAGE figure for me?

    I discovered to my considerable dismay this evening that mine has developed a crack along the left shoulder joint.

    Somewhat less severe is the fact that the paint on the bullets on the ammo belt seems to be wearing off. Unusual, since the figure isn't handled that much.

    But it's the arm crack that is especially worrisome. Obviously, this (and the paint) are things that I would appreciate being checked on any Schrage figures that might be there.

    I realize that the Oktober Guard figures are rather scarce, and I don't have a lot of $$ to put into something like this, but they are personal favorites of mine, and perhaps we can discuss a trade or payment plan of some sort.

    And, if anyone reading this happens to HAVE a really good Schrage they'd be willing to part with, then never mind the Convention, send me a PM and let's talk.

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    Hey....Anyone at the Joe convention please get on your laptops and start posting some info and pics.

    Thanks in advance for any information and pics from those at the Convention this year. I hope some good news is released.

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    Well, I just checked my SCHRAGE figure in a better light, and guess what? He's got cracks in BOTH shoulders...

    Any help on this would be immensely appreciated.

    (I hope this isn't a chronic problem with the figure. Has anyone else noticed this on their Schrage?)

  8. #16 will be setting up two booths the convention this year. Look for the banner, and stop by to say hey. I'll also be taking plenty of pics to share with those unable to make it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zombieguide
    I'll also be taking plenty of pics to share with those unable to make it.
    Thanks.Can't wait to see them

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    I'll be there with a table. I am selling TONS of my extra stuff. It will be a make me an offer kind of table. I have like 4 or 5 tubs of loose figs I am letting go! Come BUY and say hi

    This Space for Rent.

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    The Con

    I will be at the con on Saturday is there anyone else who will be there? I am hoping to see Maurader Jon again and check out the displays and such....I hope to get an idea of what will be comming out....I can not wait. So who will be there?

    I am considering taking my flag shell and seeing if someone would buy it there I wonder what it would be worth.

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    I will be there Thur-Sun.


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