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    $75.00 each? They say what happened? Do you pay for it now?

    Who's table is pictured with all of the PDD?
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    I DO like the bases for Star Duster and Grand Slam
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderpumpkin
    Mauler and Mobat won't ship until Thanksgiving due to mold piece problems. They give you Steeler and Rip It and their file cards but you have to wait for the vehicles to ship to you later. Loading more pictures now. They had posters of the Mauler and Mobat.
    That mauler rocks..Too bad I will never own one.

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    wow i called grand slam, steeler and the hiss driver back in june.....who would of thought of starduster......well if anything is left after the convention its to the club store with my credit card!

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    Just out of curiousity, whats the word on 25th Ann PDDs? Did they (Hasbro or the GIJCC) come through with more Silver Heads for the CON as was rumored?
    I'M A MAC

    NEEDED: SDCC Gold PDD, SDCC Blue Suited CC, SDCC TTT SGT. Slaughter, SDCC Starscream, SDCC Shockwave, FSS Nano BATs, FSS Desert Scorpions & FSS CGIs, MISB/UNUSED MIB M.A.S.K. stuff, a factory tachometer for a 65 Chevy Impala, lawyers, guns & money...

    Want LiSSt...

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    Glad to see there is a separate Cobra tank. To bad Rip It just got killed in the comics!

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    The pictures are all of the club store outside the dealer room entrance. They had 500 Silver Pimps made for the con after San Diego with a limit of 5 and $15 each. They also have some of the 25th wave 2. None of the 3rd 25th boxed set. They have the 2005 Con Steel Brigade 2-Packs reduced to $25 each and the 3-Pack down to $35.

    I bought:
    2 of the Starduster/Grand Slam sets.
    2 2005 Steel Brigade 2-Packs.
    2007 T-Shirt. Will take picture.
    1 Shredder w/ Rip It. Tank ships in Nov.
    1 Mobat w/ Steeler. Tank ships in Nov.
    1 MOTH set 4 Arctic.

    Really wish the Mauler tanks would have been there tonight. Would like to put them together now.

    Posting some more pictures now. Pictures of club store order form, t-shirt and the Rip-It, Starduster, Steeler and Grand Slam file cards.
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    Thanks spiderpumpkin for posting all the info and pic!

    Vehicle Parts Need List || Weapons Need List || For Sale Thread
    I played, ate and slept Joe as a kid and yet as an adult I still can't get enough of it! ! !

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    I second that. Thanks spiderpumpking for all the info and pics provided.

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