Land, Sea and Air 3-pack is out

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    Land, Sea and Air 3-pack is out

    I haven;t seen anyone else post anything about this, so i thought that I would let people know that the 'Land, Sea and Air' Toys R Us exclusive 3-pack is out. I bought one yesterday, and opened it today, and I have to say, even though all 3 figures and weapons were made from existing tooling, this is a pretty nice set,e specially for $30.00.
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    These sound interesting.
    Do you have any pics, or even better, a review?
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    My TRU has a ton of these things tucked in a corner and I remain mostly underwhelmed. I think more than anything else, I'm just annoyed they just keep slapping Heavy Duty's head on random bodies and naming them someone else. All black people don't look alike!

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    I think you might be mixed up (though I agree with you completely), and thinking of Combat Squad Wave 2, with Sgt. Boulder. i do agree - it would be nice if they could do at least one new head sculpt for African-American characters. i am quite happy with the 3-pack, though, especially at $30.00. Too bad it's one of the last 8-inch items we'll see, at least for the foreseeable future.
    "I am The Mad Bubbler. Breathe in the vapors of my madness!"

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    I finally saw these in person. I like the set, I will have to wait on it though, at least until Christmas.

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    Still collecting a few more TRU bucks off of McD's Monopoly game first, then I'll nab the set later this week!

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    Picked mine up today . Got to say its not a bad set and like others have said the price is not to bad for three figs.

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    I have seen at least 6 of them along with a bunch of sigma 6.
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    I find it funny that people talk about how good the price is when, essentially, it's 3 soldier figures (at most) for $30, which sound about right.

    I really like the set.

    Backblast is a solid trooper, and the blond really separates him from GS. I only wish there was a medium-body figure in the same colors.

    Deep Six is a little iffy - he needs a new head I think, and I don't like how easily the gun falls out of the missile launcher. He'll be getting Shipwreck's spear gun.

    BarrelRoll is my favorite, but then I loved JW Duke, too. Only complaint is that the pack is loose, but that can be fixed if you give him Firefly v1's harness.


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