New to Sigma 6...

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    New to Sigma 6...

    Howdy to all board members. I'm the greenie that just signed up!
    I used to have every stitch of the 80's 3 3/4 Joe toys up until Serpentor's era, but ended up losing them in a tragic storage unit break-in back in the early 90's.
    Since then, I've stuck with my Transformers, Zoids, Rangers, Micronauts/Henshins, and Legos. It was just too massive an undertaking to start again with GI Joe.
    But recently, I happened to be in Walgreens, and saw four Sigma Six figures (Camo Long Range, Night Ops SE, Sky Bat, and Firefly pre traitor version) marked down to 3 bucks each. I decided to give them a whirl and an hour later I was hooked!
    Now, a few hundred dollars later and more than two thirds into the collection, I find that I am getting that good old feeling of Joe goodness that I've been missing, but better in many ways.
    These Sigma sized figures are in my opinion the best thing to ever happen to the licence since the 80's! The sculpts, the accessories, the quality. My only complaint is that like the '99 MOTU figs, there is no way to effect repairs on these guys if anything should happen to go wrong on them. That, and no Scarlett and Baroness figs!
    I am not happy to hear that the "8 line is going to be canned. I'm hoping it's a rumor, but I've heard it enough to believe it's true. It's a shame, really, no Major Bludd, no female characters, etc, so much potential to be realized in this magnificent scale.

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    Welcome to the board!

    You pretty much expressed the basic feelings of most 8 inch Joe collectors.

    I got hooked after buying some marked down figures as well. I agree that the 8 inch line was the best thing since the 80's as far as GI Joe.
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    Welcome, Cobalt! Glad to have you aboard the Sigma 6 bandwagon! I was hooked the minute we opened kiddo's first Sigma from 2 birthdays ago! Though I'm not much into the whole sci-fi feeling, I agree that these figures are absolutely the best since the original 80s. I'm also hoping that the line really isn't gonna be permanently canned... I haven't even broken the possibility to my son yet.
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    Thanks everyone!
    I made the mistake of checking out the unreleased Sigma thread, and depressed myself, especially after seeing that large ROCC-like vehicle (rhino?). In addition to the figs, I love the vehicles, especially the Cobras, and with the smaller scale, they take up less space in my toy room. I noticed a reference in an online toy store about pre-orders for a Sigma Cobra Attack Jet. Is this just the Firebat, or are there just a few more new small scale Sigma sets on the way before the line dies?


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