Question about 25th Anniversary Joes

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    Question about 25th Anniversary Joes

    I just picked up cc, snake eyes, two cobra troopers, serpentor, and beachead. I like the figures, but im wondering, is there a possibility of vehicles being released as part of the 25th anniversary line? That would be ridiculously bad ***. Any news coming up on that, and i was also wondering if you guys know what other figures are coming out in waves 3 and 4 cuz i cant tell with the shadows. Thanks guys.

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    How cool is the beach head?

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    Yeah Wave 2 rocks! Looking forward to 3 and 4. You can get an idea of what's coming from this thread on HISSTank.
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    The vehicle matter was discussed at Hasbro Q&A round one: - Great screenshot archive ;)


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