Joe Con Unproduced Sigma Scale Pics

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    Joe Con Unproduced Sigma Scale Pics


    Just wanted to post this on the Sigma Scale forum. Some cool stuff we probably won't ever see. Colton Rocks. Scarlett is pretty cool, too. I don't know who that Bald Headed Cobra is, but he is awesome. Ditto for the Chuck Norris looking Kung Fu guy.

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    It's a bit mean for them to show us that stuff. Putting a bunch of cool stuff on display for us to know what we'll never be able to get... shame on them, that's a big jerk move. Those figs were cool, especially Scarlett.

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    It makes me wanna cry knowing I'll never get that Scarlett.

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    I actually am not that upset about Scarlett. She was obviously considered for the S6 line and they just couldn't justify it. But the others - Zanzibar, Colton, Iron Fist, Short Fuse (ironically he is set up with the newest waves of Soldiers and Commandos and not with the prototypes), it stinks that this wave that was coming isn't. This much better than the unproduced Falcon/Munita (who I still want)/Outback DTC 3.75 wave.

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    Cool. The shark AT team is probably my favorite. I also like Colton and the gorilla. Scarlett would have been awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJDonnell
    It makes me wanna cry knowing I'll never get that Scarlett.

    Same here. WHY DIDN'T THESE SELL BETTER!? I want almost all of those figures except the Kratos rip-off. GAAAH! Life sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otomite
    No daily cartoon. No video game. No commercials.

    Sigma 6 did have some success. It could have been a nice 5-6 year run if things were done differently. These are awesome toys.
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    WOW. That Scarlett is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Def. not the teenager looking Scarlett from the cartoon. Too bad we'll never see it!

    Eh, that's what Marvel legends are for.

    But... doesn't she look a little too much like Kim Possible?

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    Colton... Thats Colton..., I thought that was a really great looking Clutch figure.
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    There was no doubt in my mind that was Colton from the moment I saw it, that head is an awesome S6 representation of the original Joe.

    What I think hurt the line the most was high prices. Here in Canada they retail at $15.99 for the most basic and up to $39.99 for the larger box figures. Good thing there's ebay.


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