I live in the 80's with tecnology too


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    I live in the 80's with tecnology too

    Sorry I need help with something like this but I'm not to internet savy. I pretty much only use the web for Yojoe. Yep that really is about it. Anyway the problem I'm having is I have heard buzz about new comic packs which makes me very excited but I can't find any info. Does anyone have a link? Also about this 25th Doc talk what's the story on that and others as well??? Please help... Thank you all.

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    You might try googling "hisstank.com" and "toy news international," and searching for info on this stuff there. You can find info on that stuff here, but, in my opinion, those sites are more current Joe-news driven sites than this one, which is more of a database of Joe stuff and is more nostalgia-oriented. So, some of the main objectives of those sites (and thus, not just the forum discussions) is to get you info on that kind of stuff. Those sites certainly have more pictures, etc. posted of the forthcoming 25th stuff than you will find here.


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