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    Bueller? Anyone see that ish last month with all the funky art?

    Edit: Got my answer - G.I. Joe: Cobra #6
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    Question Orders Of Battle...

    does anybody know where i can get

    g.i. joe - order of battle Volumes 1-4

    let me know thanks

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    Hadn't heard any news posted about this: G.I. Joe Special Missions (Marvel, '80s & '90s?) is now a trade paperback. Saw it for sale today out in town.

    Also, found good, frank discussion today on the health of the comics industry. A few definite parallels with the style & things we've been seeing in Joe.

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    i liked Jinx a lot. She is so awesome in issues like Cobra, Master and apprentice and battle files.

    am a huge fan of jinx..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jansen View Post
    Hi, I am Jansen .. I am new here!
    Hey, Jansen. I'm new to the forums here also. Certainly not new to GI Joe or the comics related to the property.

    I'm looking forward to discussing GI Joe...because you just can never have enough.
    Star Joes Podcast - A free podcast dedicated to Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and all of your favorite 80's properties. We review and discuss the current day and past comics of these properties and just have fun. If you love any of the great properties from the 80's then you need to give this show a try. (show is for adults only)

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    ok im not sure if this is the right thread to ask this,but since I dont read the Cobra line and just saw how they replaced their cobra commander, and i have no interest in reading it, so who got to be commander? anyone?
    Im not Mad at all. Im just differently sane

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