IDW GIJOE issue 3

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    IDW GIJOE issue 3

    *****possible spoilers in thread*****

    If you thought you knew all there was to know about Duke, look again, this issue takes a deep look into Conrad Hauser's past. Of course we are talking bout the IDW Duke but even at that, throw out all your preconceived notions about him.
    The Baroness is delightful in this ish as the torturer, also she has a bloodlust to her. A different side that we really have not seen in her before. This baroness WANTS to kill WANTS to torture. It is not just her job or her mission she revels in it.
    The Colton and adventure team bits are hilarious but also crucial to the story.
    where was I? got off topic a bit.
    Right. Duke. Baroness. and Singh ( I get the reference now) these three are the main protagonists in the story.
    The squabbling between the bloodthirsty baroness, the scientific Dr Mindbender and the reveals and nods in the issue are well done.
    I would even venture to say I liked this issue the best of all the nonARAH IDW issues to date. Still not my cup o tea but It was entertaining.

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    Was an interesting look back into Duke's past.

    Parts of it were strong, Duke's coldness and how he didn't want Aisha there for his safety, but some weren't as strong. I didn't buy Duke calling her "babe" when she was at the Hospice, that just seemed out of character considering how their relationship went prior.

    Like the Baroness being all sadistic. That is how she should have always been played up.

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE that they are referring to Colton as "General Joe". That shows a lack of respect for his rank.
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