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    Its the same kind of heart-wrenching pain that came with Mattel's decision to can the 2000 Masters of the Universe line before it was fully realized. No Clawful, no Sorceress, no Hordak, except as detailed yet immobile and fragile statues released by NECA which I don't care to own.
    But it is, as always, based on the bottom line, and no amount of letter writing or fans complaining can change things when it comes to these corporate decisions. It's harder than fighting City Hall!
    At least we can say that it was a very good run, despite the lack of Scarlett, Baroness, and others. Lots of awesome Joe goodness that will make our toy room displays shine for years to come.

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    Hey give the MOTU Stactions a shot, I mean take a look at Jitsu he is sweet...
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    The MOTU stactions are pretty sweet. I would buy Joe type stactions as well if they had the same attention to detail.

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    Yeah, the stactions are great statues to be sure. Pieces of real art. But given a choice, I still prefer a good 'ol rugged, poseable action figure to things i'd never touch besides the occasional dusting.

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    The MOTU Stactions are cool, but I;d much rather pay $20.00 for a fully-posable figure than a mini-statue. I really don't think Sigma 6 stactions would sell well enough to warrant the production costs, unfortunately, though I would probably buy Scarlett, The Baroness, and Jinx, provided they did a good job on them. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll see any 8-inch female figures, even as exclusives, unless Hasbro makes some 8-inch movie figures in 2009. I talked to a Hasbro employee at the convention, and he said that the Scarlett was a one of a kind sample, and that she never got beyond that step, so tooling/molds were never made for her. The costs to make them would be far too high to release her as an exclusive. Too bad, as they did a great job on her.
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