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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay West
    Where is the love for Ace and Wild Bill???
    I was just thinking the same:

    It would be Wild Bill for me.

    For Cobra- Id have to say StratoVipers
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    Stinger Driver
    Hiss driver

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    can't wait to see a 25th anniversary copperhead and hiss driver that would definitly raise those characters in my joe verse, although i was a big fan of copperhead in the cartoons as a kid

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    AVAC's for Cobra

    Tollbooth for the Joes
    Always reminded me of my elementary school coach. That guy was tough
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    Best Drivers


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    Motor Viper.
    Looking for a Convention Jinx MOC (The Black One). If you have one, let me know!

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    Wild Weasel
    HISS Driver

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    Stinger Driver


    Wild Bill
    Steam Roller
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    Clutch!, Then maybe Ferret and Wild Boar. The IG's need some upgrading.
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    Thumbs up Shut up and drive.

    Well, I love Clutch, but I've always seen him as more than a seat filler. But that's because I like his character. I liked Hot Seat's character, but that doesn't mean I like the figure. Hmmm...

    My favorite Joe Driver was Windchill. Who? Right, never showed up in the comics, I don't think he was in the cartoon, and his vehicle wasn't exactly one of the hallmarks of the line. But I play with my toys. And he was definitely my favorite Immortal Russian Civil War Veteran.

    Cobra? No question. Strato Viper will always be my favorite cape wearing Vampire Gunslinger.

    Also, did anyone else think the 2003 Snowcat driver was cool because he looked like MacReady from John Carpenter's The Thing? Or was it just me?
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