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    Cold Front is pretty cool, as is Frostbite v.1. Steam Roller is a freakin' monster, but I think he'd be a cool Dreadnok. That story about him losing his arm cracks me up because I keep picturing him with a hook shoved into the stump, all infected and everything (definitely not a professional prosthesis) and just whooping up on anyone who stares at it or looks at it the wrong way.
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    Rumbler is my favorite, Crank Case is cool too.

    As far as Cobras go, Interrogator is really cool, Sub Viper too,
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    Steeler was always so cool looking to me. Something about that visor and the cool torso holster. Clutch is cool too.

    and I really like the Gyro Viper. And Track Viper was wicked too.

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    For GIJoe...

    Wild Bill

    Cover Girl (more the character than her v1 figure, though)

    Long Range (more to do with his persona in the S6 toon)

    On Cobra's side...

    Star Viper (his character in the comic rocked, plus it was a hand held toy, not oversized and annoying to play with)

    Slug Viper (piloting the Cobra's answer to GIJoe's shark)

    WORMS (Just looks cool and important... the filecard made them out to be chumps, though)

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    VAMP is my fav vehicle and Clutch my fav driver.

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    Thumbs up Favourite vehicle driver.

    My favourite vehicle driver would have to be
    From the Original line.
    Joe: Lift Ticket

    I just loved the wacky grin he had on his face, this guy got tons of beatups and story lines when I was a kid, most of the joe figures has mundane bla-zay expressions but here came a guy that gave all that a big can of whoop ***.
    I even done a few adventures on my channel at youtube about him and his on going feud with Red Jackal (uk destro type dude).

    Cobra: Strato-Viper.

    One of the many great pilot/operators of the hasbro line. The uniform suited the character and the colours suited the organisation he worked for. It was a much needed improvement over the rattlers wild weasel pilot, who was a favourite of mine for a while too.

    I do have some others, but they aren't official hasbro GI Joe releases.
    Joe: Dodger (replaced cannonball as the RHINO driver) He's a custom I made using Salvo & Dodger parts.
    Cobra: Stun-Viper (Custom I made for my Complete cobra STUN. He's a repainted custom using Motor-Viper, Viper 86 & Rock Viper parts.

    Pictures seen here:
    Stun-Viper: http://www.flickr.com/photos/5726491...7601937449299/
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    Ace for the Joes
    Hiss driver for cobras

    Ouh yeah!

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