Anniversary Wave Two Single Carded Favorite

Poll: Please choose your favorite wave two figure.

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    Anniversary Wave Two Single Carded Favorite

    Of the 25th anniversary wave two figures, which is your favorite & why:

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    This was a tough one. I like them all except Serp. I went with Beachhead because I've always liked the character but I've never really liked any of the figures. Finally I have a Beachhead!!

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    I choose the Cobra.I love a man in a blue uniform,he's a DreamBoat.

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    Buzzer for me, his figure was long over due for a remake and that chain saw, man that's awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobraviper72
    Buzzer for me, his figure was long over due for a remake and that chain saw, man that's awesome.
    I second that! Extremely well done update on that character!

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    Either Buzzer or Beach-Head for me, both are very well done figures. The others have little things here and there that I don't like. - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    beach-head, finally a figure that does him justice!
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    Smile wave2,3??

    guys, yesterday I got a photo from one of my coworkers...
    and I SAW the new wave that is coming soon!!
    flash,destro,snakeseyes,snowjob and the crimson guard!!! wow!
    so I was thiking that maybe on this month or by December this figures will be out!! those are cool figures!
    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    I voted for Beachhead

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    Definitely Beachhead. Really a well done figure. Great sculpt and detail, and the fact that the crossbow is removable from the backpack is a nice touch. Buzzer is well-done. Lady Jaye is good, but the non-removable hat is a bit annoying. Cobra Trooper is not bad, not much new about it, and Serpentor is somewhat disappointing to me, due largely to the head sculpt, with it;s rather odd, boring facial expression, not befitting the Cobra Emperor.
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