25th Anniversary Big Lob??


View Poll Results: Big Lob as a 25th Anniversary figure??

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  • Yes!! He definitely deserves it!!

    16 38.10%
  • Not a snoball's chance.

    23 54.76%
  • Who is Big Lob??

    3 7.14%
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    Cool 25th Anniversary Big Lob??

    Anyone else believes he deserves a 25th figure? I sure do.

    Who's comin' with me on this?? *in Jerry Maguire stance*
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    I would like to have him and pythona in a future assortment.
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    Ugh...well after many many many other figures.
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    I would say no. Waste of plastic!

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    Yes, but it's not a priority
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syna3sthesia
    I would say no. Waste of plastic!
    My feelings exactly. There are so many others I would want to see before this Harlem Globetrotter reject gets made.

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    I'd like to see other characters given figures before Big Lob.

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    Big Lob needs a figure period. Ditto for Pythona.

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    I'm pretty laid back about stuff, but I always thought Big Lob was kind of a disgrace to african americans. One of the all-time great simpsons moments involving Carl comes to mind, but seriously could they have at least tried a little bit with Big Lob--I mean thinking outside the box a little? He's black and he's dressed in a basketball uniform and carries a basketball around, even though he's in the army? What does basketball have to do with the military? It's ridiculous. Stereotypes usually don't bother me and I try not to take stuff like that too seriously, but it would be a total waste. Big Lob is about the last character I'd want made into a 25th sculpt.


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