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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Boa's punching bag 26
    Okay I may be way out in left field with this but think about the Mona Lisa or any other great work of art that has been copied and pasted to anything you could think of, if for some crazy reason they decided to sell the original do you think it would sell for less because there are so many copies? I would think that the original artwork would be much more valuable no matter how many copies are made.
    The copies are made by permission from whomever owns the rights to the mona lisa.This guy didn't have permission from shane to do this.You are correct in that the original is worth more and doesn't retract from the value if authenticated.It is the same as if you take a picture of someone.You own the rights to that picture someone would have to have consent from you in writing and notarized to use that picture.
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    I know Rick personally and I am disappointed to hear that these are not as original as he claims them to be
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    Unhappy Sharing Images.

    Quote Originally Posted by airedevon
    02) I have gotten a fair amount of hate mail (or other negative response) sometimes when I post cool pictures - It is the weirdest thing, and I don't understand it - but it hurts...
    Non surprisingly this is one of the reasons I'm almost done collecting and displaying. I had near close to 100 images on a public site of my collection and received hate mail on a regular basis.

    It actually stopped when I removed my pictures and closed my account, so I guess they win right?
    Sadly I have to agree with those that have high prized items, I really don't blame them for not sharing. I was sceptical for a long while joining this community and often wondered why on earth someone would stoop so low, unfortunately there will always be those that want to inflict misery on others.
    I wouldn't mind but I didn't really have anything highly prized, just what I regarded as a "Nice" collection with some vintage MLC figures and vehicles.
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    It would be a crying shame if this sort of issue stops collectors from sharing their prestigious pieces.

    This is the first time Ive ever seen that cardback, and its sad that its in this sort of thread- the artwork and concept is beautiful and Im glad to have seen it.

    Shane- I understand how you feel, and agree with your ire/anger.

    To post a pic on a public website suggests a person who doesnt contemplate teh negative/selfish/seedier side of life- as I assume you dont.

    What really annoys me, is that the majority of collectors would love to see this sort of stuff, and its the few that spoil it- and the thread title is appropriate.

    Ive been fortunate to see many pics/images/preproduction pieces/2-Ups regarding this toyline and I really enjoy seeing this side of collecting.
    Im sure Im not alone....

    Unfortunately, in this day and age, and particularly in Cyberspace (which is still defining its boundaries) you have to cover yourself from all eventualities.

    I really hope you continue to show your original pieces (and hopefully 2-Ups) even if you have to copyright/watermark them.
    (Im amused that Rick from the 334th has seen to do himself- but then he did have forewarning/knowledge of what others do with these images)

    Im sure it is absolutely horrible to receive hate mail simply for posting images/pictures you cherish- Aire Im sorry to hear that, thats horrible, especially as Ive had the pleasure of seeing some of your collection- and it may be little to no consolation but these people are by far the minority, and its abhorrent that a few bad apples can tarnish a whole hobby.

    However, fwiw- I really appreciated seeing that card art- and from one of the many honest, upstanding Joe fans, thanks for sharing...

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    To be honest I understand where Shane and Aire come from. When I first got back into collecting I always wondered why there were so many "secrect" groups of collectors keeping such cool stuff "hidden". I really didnt understand it.

    Then I got into searching for those peices. I found some of them. Shared them. I found out they got around. I dont share that stuff anymore. I dont like people knowing what I have or dont have. Ive never gotten hate mail before, but I posted once that I had this and that and people wouldnt stop asking me if I wanted to sell. It took awhile but they all stopped bothering me.

    Rare stuff is nice to collect but it can be a pain. I actually wouldnt mind seeing what Shane and Aire have. It would be nice. I like seeing the history of Joe. I wouldnt mind being able to share what I have but it isnt worth the headache. Maybe one day there will be a Joe museum and we would be able to loan our pieces out for display.

    ** one interesting thing is that Hasbro probably still owns the rights to all these items. They could very easily be considered stolen, its normal that business have policies that pieces like these are not permitted to be removed from them. And anything that has been removed might be considered stolen and therefore is still their property. Another good reason not to share.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaelinic
    Once he posted the image, I'm thinking it became public.
    Posting an image DOES NOT make it public domain.
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    it really is a shame that people have to keep their collections pics and rarities hidden. i love to see all the different things created for gi joe and think that sharing these things will only make joe a stronger collectible.
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    It works the same way as Yojoe.com works. If you want to use any of the images on this website you have to ask permission from the yojoe staff.

    Also Thats why there are a hundred threads about people using yojoe.com pictures on ebay. If your using the image on ebay, your using it to make money.

    ok thats my piece


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    Ok I understand someone took your image without permission and created some custom cardbacks w/figures which he is/was selling on Ebay and in his webstore. I am not saying he is right for those actions he took and should of at least ask you if it would be ok to do but seriously what is the big deal with this? Does it really hurt you that much by what this one individual did to really make you not want to showcase the original works again? Do you feel it is degrading your items by doing what he did to where the value of your piece will not be worth as much if you ever decided to sell it or are you more upset that he is showing an image that you know is yours and using it to make money on?

    Just out of curiosity if this or any other person would of asked you if they could of used this image or others to create custom cardbacks and offer them for sale (reasonably priced) what would you of said? Would it have mattered if they offered you part of the cut (ex. a royalty for everyone sold).
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    So this legal stuff is making me confused. (Im dating a 3rd year Law student, so I guess I shouldnt be! :P ) For example, right now I am working on a 2007 Legions Cobra Commander custom card using both the vintage art from 1983 and from the Legions Box. Im also making a 25th anniversary card for the same figure.

    Lets say it turns out awesome and somebody wants to buy it from me? Am I doing something illegal? Cause Im not down with that. How could I rectify this? By paying a royalty to Hasbro? Does anybody do this? Like Star Wars custom card makers?

    Also, just using is just using the GIJOE and Cobra logos illegal? Because I dont really modify those images. Any answers would be appreciated?


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