A perfect example of why some collectors won't share images of rare stuff


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    A perfect example of why some collectors won't share images of rare stuff

    Over the years here there's been a lot of debate as to why a lot of collectors won't share images of their rare stuff or contribute images to the archives. I've always been big on sharing images of rare, interesting and historically significant prototype and pre-production images from my collection.

    That was until today.

    Someone sent me a link to this auction for a custom carded GI Joe figure today and i was pretty shocked to see that the artwork they used was jacked from my original presentation art that, until tonight, i had showcased on my site alongside several other images of original Joe art i own.


    The seller was kind enough to stop the auction when i told him the image was used without permission and he claims to have bought the cardback from a seller in Florida. If *anyone* knows who that seller might be or who made these cardbacks, i'd really appreciate knowing.

    As a result of this i've removed all of the artwork that i had showcased on my site and i'm contemplating removing all of my pre-production Joe images. I honestly can't believe someone had the nerve to do this and it's a perfect example of why so many collectors refuse to show images of thier stuff to the community and want to stay under the radar. Myself included at this point.
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    Thumbs down

    I don't blame you at all.

    That kind of crap is just wrong, & one time is all it takes to change your mind from sharing pics of some unique or vhtf things to hermitting your collection. It's too bad, but again, I don't blame you at all...
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    It appears that the cardbacks may have originated from this seller:


    Does anyone have any *real* contact info they can give me for this seller?
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    those cardbacks were created from www.the334thjoeco.com
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    That's the one.

    I find it really funny that this guy has a section on his site warning people of shady dealings when he's gone out of his way to steal images from sites and use them without permission for his own profit.

    He has no contact info on his site...does any one know how to contact him?
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    Hey. That sucks. Ive seen that card before from his 334th website and from ebay. Thats nice work. Did he steal any of your other work?

    I have been making custom cards myself recently. I never steal anybody elses images, not even for my own collection. Wheres the fun in that? Anyways, I only modify the original GIJOE artwork to fit the character of the card I am making. Ive often wondered about the legality issues of this, especially since I would like to eventually sell some of them. Does anybody know? (sorry for threadjacking)

    I have heard in the past as long as you change a registered or trademarked image over 30% then, then all is okay? Any ideas. The last thing Id want do is stir up trouble with Hasbro. Thanks! Sam

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    ive bought from him before, but it was awhile ago, ill see if i can track his info down through paypal, but im not sure paypal lets you go that far back

    Ill try

    Yeah I know the feeling, i used to share images and no longer will either, nothing has happened to me, but everyone I know has all had similar problems

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    I bought a Starduster visor from him that turned out to be a fake....let me check my Paypal history, and if I can find contact info I'll PM you.

    To be honest, I've known for a while that he sells custom cards for vehicle drivers and mail in figures. In fact, I was close to buying cards for Starduster and Skystriker until my other deal with him went south.

    Sorry man, I didn't know he was pirating images from you to do this stuff.....
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    Sorry to see this Shane. I've had custom graphics stolen from me. I've even had people steal and copy entire websites that I have made. Any artwork you create is automatically copyrighted, but it is very difficult to protect yourself or go after someone who has stolen from you.

    My suggestion is this - Anytime I publicly post any graphics I have made or photos I have taken, I place a copyright statement over the graphic or photo. I try not to ruin the view for observers, but I make it really hard for thieves to Photoshop the copyright statement out.
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    Wow, that sucks. I hope you continue continue to share your stuff though. Perhaps editing the image and adding a visible watermark would deter this theft.

    It looks like the 334thjoecompany also ended their auction. At least people aren't challenging you on this.


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