I got too wal-mart this morning around 10 and on the shelf there were 16 figures, looks like two new cases except one odd thing. I looked through the pegs and heres what was there; 2 Shipwrecks (with shark tat), 2 Stalkers (green), 2 Red Ninjas, 2 Fireflys (New Crotch), 2 Snake-eyes, 2 Storm Shadows, heres the weird part 4 Officers and no Zartans. Is Zartan unavailable for some reason? I'm hoping there were 3 cases and he merely flew out but I figured the officers would be first to go? I grabbed 2 officers and the Fireflys, but I still need 2 Zartan's (Not resorting to ebay yet I have faith hasbro will get the moulds pumping soon for a December push). Also Bend, never saw the 2nd wave.