Crazy Night Force prices!

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    Crazy Night Force prices!

    Recent Night Force vehicle sale prices:

    Boomer = $255
    Ray = $202.50
    Shade = $32.99
    Raider = $47.66
    Blaster = $31.00
    Scrambler = $152.50
    Striker = $78.77
    Storm = $26.66

    The Boomer sold for about what it usually sells for....the rest of these prices seem wacky to me.

    I can't believe $150 for a Scrambler - they usually go for $50-75. The Ray also sold pretty high, considering there was another one earlier in the week that sold for $78. I've also never seen a Raider go for more than $25 until now. The Shade went about $10 more than usual, which isn't too bad I guess.

    The Striker, Storm, and Blaster all sold for far less than I've seen others sell for. Generally, Strikers get $125 or so, Storms go in the $40 range, and Blasters get $60-75.

    I've been watching numerous NF items over the last three years as I try to complete my set and now I'm curious. What do others think - were these auctions aberrations, or is this the new market?
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    Yeah that seems really high for a scrambler, way too much for me.
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    I'm seeing a whole lot of "I can't belive this or that price" type auctions lately... To be honest, I'm not surprised at all. We've got the best and hottest new GI Joe action figure line since the '80s, and there's now talk of a GI Joe movie (and not idle talk either, since they've already done a TF one which was well received), so interest is bound to go up, especially in the scarcer stuff like this.
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    I like the whole NF set, but its a set i avoid due to price. Its a shame too i would love to have that set.
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    That's usually what I've seen the Night Ray go for, give or take.
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    The 25ths are increasing demand!

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    Don't forget global warming too!

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    Global Warming is causing the 25ths to evaporate from store shelves!

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    I actually saw ManBearPig hoarding 25th Joes last time I was at Target. I'm super serial guys!

    Most those NF prices seem about right except the Scrambler and Striker; swapping them would be closer to the norm.

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    i'm suprised to see a Night Striker go for that much.....
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