Lt. Stone in 3¾" style?

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    Lt. Stone in 3¾" style?

    Would you be interested in seeing Lt. Stone or any other Sigma 6 figures being made in 3¾" style? not necessarily as part of the 25th anniversary though...maybe for a future line.... - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    I'd be fine with the characters introduced, just not based off the silly cartoon and they should be made to look like the rest of the 25th figures. Personally, I'd prefer the Lt. Stone from GI Joe Extreme than the one from Sigma 6. How about a Mayday... that would be cool. Come to think of it, the GI Joe Extreme had better new characters anyway.

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    I think it would be an excellent move to redesign Lt Stone into the 25th Line. I would buy it in a hearbeat.

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    you should have added another poll choice: "F**K YES!!!!!"

    that's the one I'd pick

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    aloysha makes lt stone 3 3/4 customs, and they look really good, but they arent cheap

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    I'd rather have him in RAH format first, then 25th much later.

    Maybe if Hasbro or Master Collector released a Sigma Six RAH box set, that might be kind of cool...
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