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    Yes he was part of wave 13 and was recolored in a Blue-ish color.

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    thanks for the help, is the snake armor 25th anniversary or rise of cobra?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scm
    thanks for the help, is the snake armor 25th anniversary or rise of cobra?
    It will be in Wave 2 of the $9.99 Target figure & mini-vehicle wave and will be known as "Serpent Armor"

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    thanks, does anybody have a list of whats gonna be in wave 1 and 2 and the rest of the waves of the target figure and mini vehicle wave sets? thanks for any help scm

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    Quote Originally Posted by quintonarledge
    Gift Sets
    Assault On Cobra Island RELEASED JULY 2009
    __SPC Altitude (Ripcord)

    G.I. Joe Navy Senior Ranking Officers 3-pack [/B] RELEASED FALL 2008
    __Cutter (1984 style)
    __Lt. Torpedo (yellow scuba gear)
    THis is the first time I've looked at this list, and it is helpful, thanks for keeping it updated.

    Two questions I have though. Wouldn't Spc Altitude be better listed as (Freefall) rather than Ripcord since the filecard is that of Freefall?

    Also, the SRO Torpedo is a remake of the Funskool yellow version of the figure, so perhaps saying "Funskool colors" might be appropriate as well.

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    I didn't realize the Funskool Torpedo was in those colors. Most everyone I've seen mention it just called it Cartoon Torpedo, since he and a bunch of other guys in one of the original mini series wear those outfits.

    As for Freefall, well that's just weird that they did that. The figure is an amalgam of three Joes, I guess. It is quite clear that SPC Altitude is supposed to be a stand-in for people who want a Rip Cord for a nice 1984 display with 25ths, muddying it up with Freefall's bio is messy. I would have preferred an entirely new bio since I would like a 25th-ish Freefall at some point, with blonde hair and pukey camo.

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    i asked a shop at mine yesterday to keep back a spirit figure im picking up today cannot wait.

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    Does anyone know where I can find a picture checklist or complete guide for post 1994 G.I. Joe figures and vehicles?
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