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    thanks i didnt think about checking here

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    Hey CGC thsnks for posting the link to the cards, I hadnt seen them yet. By the way the Firefly in the diamond set is it just black, or am I missing the camo?
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    does anyone know if theyre going to make the snake-eyes with the butterfly knives across his chest? thats my favorite version of him

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    I am glad someone has finally created this! I have been asking for a couple months now for a definitive list. Can we keep updating this thread as we find out what is coming out?
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    I havent heard of this set:
    upcoming Senior Ranking Officers Evolution box-set: three Cobra Officers/Troopers

    Whats the deal?

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    bunch of repaints of the trooper/officer and maybe CG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Superfly
    Wave 3
    __Firefly ('diaper' crotch piece, 1st release) 65356927468
    __Firefly (small crotch piece) 65356927468
    Do you have pictures of this? Every Firefly I've seen has had the "fixed" crotch...It would make sense that they changed the tooling between it's use on Beach head and Firefly.
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    If you guys want to see which figures are going to be released just look at the artwork of the 5 packs and the cobra legions pack whatever artwork is depicted that is not a screen grab from the TV show or a comic panel is a future release ( note the IRON grenadier Destro and the red uniformed baroness looks interesting and theres a Tomax or Xamot on the corner and a BAT on the other side )

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    I wish my local stores would stock these things so I wouldn't have to resort to ebay. Great work on the lists by the way. Guys like ya'll make it very easy to collect.


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