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    after going over the lists on the front page this is what i found:
    So what is left?
    Grand Slam in red

    Tan Grunt

    Tan Clutch

    Heavy Metal
    Keel Haul

    Wet Suit
    Cross Country
    Lift Ticket
    Motor Viper
    Sgt Slaughter
    Strato Viper

    After this its easier to list the others

    1987 all but
    Nemesis Enforcer

    1988 all but
    Iron Grenadiers
    Storm Shadow

    1989 all but
    Alley Viper?
    Python Officer
    1990 none

    1991 all but
    Red Star
    Snake Eyes

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    Up To Date checklist after SDCC 08

    This is what I have tallied. I have it on a word document if anyone wants it. I did not include variations...figure too many to try to keep track of...but list so far....

    25th/Modern Era Figure Checklist

    G.I. Joe Box-set
    __Duke (1983 style)
    __Gung-Ho (1983 style)
    __Roadblock (1984 style)
    __Agent Scarlett (1982 style)
    __Snake Eyes (1982 style)

    Cobra Box-set
    __Cobra Commander (1982 style)
    __Destro (1983 style)
    __Baroness (1984 style)
    __Storm Shadow (1984 style)
    __Cobra Trooper (1982 style)

    Cobra Legions box-set
    __Cobra Commander (Black and Gold Uniform)
    __Storm Shadow (Valor vs. Venom style)
    __Cobra Trooper (Comic 3-Pack #1 style)
    __Cobra Air Trooper (Comic 3-Pack #44 style)
    __Cobra Vehicle Driver (1984 Stinger Driver style)

    TRU Red Ninjas box-set
    __Snake Eyes
    __Red Ninjas
    __Red Ninja Leader

    TRU Night Watch box-set
    __Cobra Night Watch Troopers
    __Cobra Night Watch Officer

    TRU Crimson Guard Troop Builder box-set (Aug 08)
    __Crimson Guard figures
    __Crimson Guard Immortal

    TRU Green-Shirts box-set (Aug 08)
    __GI Joe Green-shirts

    TRU Senior Ranking Officers GI JOE Command #1

    TRU Senior Ranking Officers Crimson Command #2
    __Crimson Guard
    __Crimson Guard Officer
    __Cobra Commander

    TRU Senior Ranking Officers Cobra Command #3
    __Cobra Officer
    __Cobra Trooper
    __Cobra Commander

    TRU Senior Ranking Officers Iron Grenadiers #4
    __Iron Grenadier
    __Iron Grenadier General
    __IG Destro

    TRU Senior Ranking Officers Air Command #5
    __Wild Bill

    TRU Senior Ranking Naval Command #6
    __Deep Six

    Wave 1
    __Storm Shadow (1988 style)
    __Snake Eyes (1985 style)
    __Flint (1985 style)
    __Cobra Commander (1984 style)
    __Cobra Officer (1982 style)

    Wave 2
    __Buzzer (1985 style)
    __Beachhead (1986 style)
    __Lady Jaye (1985 style)
    __Serpentor (Devil's Due style)
    __Cobra Trooper (1983 Viper Pilot style)

    Wave 3
    __Firefly (1984 style)
    __Shipwreck (1983 style)
    __Red Ninja (Argentinian Satan style)
    __Zartan (Devil's Due style)
    __Sgt. Stalker (1982 style)

    Wave 4
    __Gung-Ho (1983 style)
    __Duke (1983 style)
    __Agent Scarlett (1982 style)
    __Roadblock (1984 style)
    __Cobra Commander (1982 style)
    __Storm Shadow (1984 style)
    __Cobra Air Trooper (Comic 3-Pack #44 style)
    __Destro (1983 style)

    Wave 5
    __Destro (1988 Iron Grenadier style)
    __Sgt. Flash (1982 style)
    __Snow Job (1983 style)
    __Crimson Guard (1985 style)
    __Snake Eyes (all black 1982 style)

    Wave 6
    __Cobra Commander (1987 style)
    __Torpedo (1983 style)
    __Rock N' Roll (1982 style)

    Wave 7
    __H.I.S.S. Driver (1983 style)
    __Snake Eyes (1989 style)
    __Duke (with Jetpack & American flag)
    __Spirit (1984 style)
    __Viper (1986 style)
    __Wild Bill (1983 style)

    Wave 8
    __Tiger Force Flint (1988 style)
    __Snake Eyes (comic style)
    __Python Officer (1989 style)
    __Cobra Commander (cartoon style)
    __Major Bludd (1983 style)
    __Baroness (comic style)
    __Roadblock (1986 style)

    Wave 9
    __Hawk (1986 Style)
    __Bazooka (1985 Style)
    __Barbecue (1985 Style)
    __Storm Shadow (Ninja Ku)
    __Snow Serpent (1985 Style)
    __B.A.T. (1986 style)

    Wave 10
    __Croc Master (1987 Style)
    __Para Viper
    __Cobra Bazooka Soldier
    __Mutt & Junkyard
    __Duke (Tiger Force)

    Wave 11
    __Flint (Cobra Disguise)
    __Matt Trakker
    __Pilot Scarlett
    __Sgt. Airborne
    __Zartan (1984 version)

    __Doc (1983 style)

    SDCC 07
    __Gold-Mask Pimp Daddy Destro
    __Silver-Mask Pimp Daddy Destro

    Joe-Con 07
    __Rowdy Roddy Piper

    SDCC 08
    __Cobra Commander w/ Podium

    Comic Two-Packs Wave 1
    (GI JOE #24)
    __Cobra Commander

    (GI JOE #1)

    (GI JOE #21)
    __Snake Eyes
    __Storm Shadow

    Comic Two-Packs Wave 2
    (GI JOE #30)

    (GI JOE #16)

    Comic Two-Packs Wave 3
    (GI JOE #115)
    __Wild Weasel

    (GI JOE #36.5)

    (GI JOE #32.5)
    __Fred the Crimson Guard
    __Scarface the Cobra Officer

    (GI JOE #21.B)
    __Battle Damage Snake Eyes
    __Ninja Cloak Storm Shadow

    Comic Two-Packs Wave 4
    __Storm Shadow


    __Red Star

    Comic Two-Packs Wave 5
    __Cobra Commander

    __Iron Grenadier

    __Nemesis Immortal (Enforcer)

    Comic Two-Packs Wave 6
    __Wild Bill
    __Scrap Iron

    __Beach Head

    __Hard Master
    __Snake Eyes

    EXTREME Conditions Arctic Pack

    EXTREME Conditions Desert Pack

    Hasbro General Release Vehicle Packs
    __Trouble Bubble w/ Tele-Viper
    __RAM w/ Breaker
    __Armadillo w/ Steeler
    __Air Chariot w/ Serpentor
    __VAMP w/ Clutch
    __HISS w/ Rip It
    __Firebat w/ AVAC (Sept 08)
    __Sharc w/ Deep Six (Sept 08)
    __Fang and CLAW with Viper pilots
    __Awe Striker (Desert) w/ Leatherneck
    __Water Moccasin w/ Python Patrol Copperhead
    __Skyhawk w/ Lift Ticket

    Target Exclusive Vehicles
    __AWE Striker w/ Crankcase
    __HISS w/ HISS Trooper
    __Night w/ Grand Slam
    __Rattler w/ Wild Weasel
    __Conquest w/ Slipstream

    __“Ultimate Battle Pack” Set (includes)
    __Red HISS
    __Blue Trouble Bubble
    __Short Fuse
    __Cobra Commander
    __HISS Driver
    __Cobra Trooper

    __Stalker w/ JUMP
    __Cobra Trooper
    __Radioactive Snake Eyes
    __Baroness in Diver Suit

    __Roadblock in Creeper Vines
    __Lady Jaye w/ Javelins

    “Pyramid Of Darkness” DVD Set
    __Quick Kick (1985 Version)
    __Snake Eyes (black 1985 version)
    __Major Bludd
    __Cobra Commander (hooded, Lt. Blue)

    “Arise Serpentor, Arise” DVD Set
    __Serpentor (1986 version)
    __Dusty (1985 version)
    __BAT (cartoon version)
    __Atilla Skeleton figure

    “BEST Of Episodes” DVD Set
    __Duke w/ jetpack
    __Alpine (1985 version)
    __Trooper with parachute
    __Cobra Commander (chrome mask w/ CLAW)
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    Wait a sec. I don't remember seein' an image of a Crimson Guard Immortal for the CG set. Is their an actual CGI figure, or are they just usin' the name??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavalry Man
    Wait a sec. I don't remember seein' an image of a Crimson Guard Immortal for the CG set. Is their an actual CGI figure, or are they just usin' the name??
    It's a repainted CG. Has a silver chest. Link to pic from Joe Con:
    "Until Gung Ho eats quiche, make mine G.I. Joe!"

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    I've seen that. I just didn't realize they were actually callin' that figure an Immortal.

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    I've been off the boards for the past eight months because I've been so busy with work/life, but I've FINALLY updated my list.

    BIG PROPS to the Superfly who's own excellent list was used to help me out. Mine differs from his because I don't list variants or rumored figures, just confirmed ones.

    Also, I do not list Mighty Muggs, Combat Heroes or 12" Joes.
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    Best of Episodes DVD set????!!!

    What happened to G.I.JOE the Movie set???

    WHen does Pyramid and Arise Serpentor sets come out??

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    The Movie set was scrapped in favor of a best-of episode set last February, around the time of Toy Fair. So this is somewhat old news.

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    well not to me.

    but why would they scrap it??

    That Movie dvd is hard to find and it cost double the price of retail.

    I was hoping to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstSergeantDuke
    well not to me.

    but why would they scrap it??

    That Movie dvd is hard to find and it cost double the price of retail.

    I was hoping to get it.

    There are certain copyright issues that can't be worked around.

    I think it might have something to do with this:
    3. Sgt. Slaughter. Flat out, is he a possibility or not? Is he something you are pursuing or is he a lost cause?

    Answer: While we love Sarge, his toy rights are currently held by the WWE who partners with another toy company. Because of this, we are currently unable to do a Sarge figure.


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