I bet Hasbro/stores will raise the prices of the single card 25ths...


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    I bet Hasbro/stores will raise the prices of the single card 25ths...

    Since these seem to be very successful, I would not be surprised to walk in Wal-Mart or Target and see a $6.99 price tag soon like the Star Wars stuff.

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    With the Holidays coming...you may have a point!

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    actually, there are some reports of Targets lowering the rice to $4.99 already. price points are something that a lot of forecasting is done to identify and set, so they wouldn't be raised simply because sales are good. you would have to assume, from a business standpoint, you raise the price you will lower sales, and lowering sales kind of prevents sales growth.

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    I know of one etailer who has raised their prices on WAVE 4 singles by 50 cents, and cases of W4 by $4.00. But... they didn't raise the prices on any of the current waves, some of which are on back order and some of which they have in stock. This dealer is pretty consistent about their prices, so I don't know if they raised them out of smart business sense, (the Joe line hasn't been this hot in years), or because Hasbro raised their prices on product, again, smart business.

    I do suspect toy prices will rise again though either way. What was a barrel of oil going for the other day? $90?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenric
    I'd be surprised to see any Joe figures at all.
    You can say that again
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    they can raise the price to 6.99 but all I will see us an empty peg and nothing to buy....so hasbro has gotten little of my money and many others on this board. Hey I wonder if they can fix that.

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    If the prices go up, I will do exactly the same thing I did when they pulled that junk with Star Wars: Stop buying them. I love the line, but not enough for me to pay for ridiculous price increases.
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