Some "action" shots from a newbie collector...

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    Some "action" shots from a newbie collector...

    Hey. I'm pretty new to collecting Gi Joe. I had some of the 3 3/4" stuff what I was a kid most memorably the space shuttle base. I sooo wish I had saved that stuff but you know what happens over time. >_>

    Anyway, I just recently started collecting Joe stuff and I like these 8" guys. I don't really know where else to place these on the site so please correct me if I'm wrong. I tried to do up a few "action shots" with some of my (not very big) collection. Hope you guys like them.

    So that's it. I collect Anime figures as well. I look forward to contributing more! Go Joe!

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    Cool. I like the last picture. The first one doesn't seem to work.
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    Good stuff- some great posing there.

    If I had any criticisms Id say some are just a wee bit blurry.

    That said- its still better than I can do....

    Have you ever heard of joedios - theres some great photographers on there.

    Oh- and welcome to the boards!
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    Thatnks for that URL bigtatto. Sorry for the blur on some of the shots. My digi has the weird issue of making some shots blurry. I'll try and reshoot those ones. I did want a sort of blur effect on the knife scene though.


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