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    Arrow FIGURES & Accessories FOR TRADE or Sale

    FOR TRADE or Sale
    G.I. Joe DVD A Real American Hero & Revenge of Cobra no Snake Eyes figure
    Spytroops Grunt*
    Beachhead v4
    Wild Bill Spytroops green pilot version with helmet
    Action Pilot complete with box
    Ace v1
    1991 Cobra Commander
    Outback v1 losing lettering
    "Python Patrol" Dr. Mindbender
    Python Patrol Major Bludd custom
    Python Patrol Bodyguards custom
    * has filecard
    Spearhead's backpack
    Dusty's backpack 1991
    Wet Suit's backpack v1
    1989 Deep Six's diving helmet
    Law v4 silver UZI
    Cobra Infantry machine gun & backpack
    Alley Viper (Crimson Twins) gun 2x
    2001 Laser Viper gun, hose, & backpack
    BJ's Stormshadow crossbow with arrow
    Viper v10 backpack
    black Firefly/Wreckage backpack no cover
    1989 Deep Six all but head
    Shipwreck head v1

    Devilfish rockets 2x
    MI-open-B Wave Crusher with box no stickers or figure
    MI-open-B Man-o-War COMPLETE contents still sealed
    MI-open-B Man-o-War with box no stickers or figure
    VAMP v1 steering wheel (need a v2)
    BBI Light Armored Vehicle complete with box

    blades for black Micromaster Military Patrol helicopter Tracer
    Blackarachnia leg
    Dreamwave G1 #1 Autobot cover
    Dreamwave G1 #3 Autobot cover
    MOSC G2 Gobots Sideswipe
    Heroes: the Rebirth DVD
    Villains: the Ultimate Doom DVD
    NEW Masters of the Universe MOSC Tri-Klops
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Ooze can & blue Ghengis Frog tongue missile
    2x MOSC Qui Gon Jinn
    MIB Ghost Obi Wan Kenobi Frito Lay
    MOSC Han Solo in Carbonite red card
    MOSC Boba Fett Red Card
    MOSC Jedi Knight Luke Red Card
    MOSC Bespin Luke Slide Card
    MOSC Ellors Madak
    MOSC European Leia in Boush disguise POTF Green Card
    MOSC POTF slave Leia hologram
    MOSC POTF slave Leia slide
    MOSC Hoth Survival Set
    Interrogator Droid from Imperial Set
    Mouse Droid from Imperial Set
    STAR TREK TNG: Playmates Tricorder 3 3/4" figure accessory
    Testors Enamel Paint:
    black gloss
    light blue gloss 2x
    yellow gloss
    red gloss
    orange gloss
    dark blue gloss
    PC Games
    Freedom Force
    007 Nightfire
    Monogram Models Inc.:
    Pocket Force die-cast miniature figures HO scale
    7th Marine Vietnam
    Vietcong Guerillas
    Playstation 1 Multiplayer Adapter

    WANT LIST is here
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    Sorry man, went to write down your address and it is unaccessible since I answered your last PM. Please send again. sorry

    Selling, buying, and trading GI Joes since 1990. Well buying since 1984 . . .

    Site is under construction, but please check my inventory at:

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    pm sent......................
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    sent you mail, interested in the Tie bomber, thought you had an intercepor as well, my mistake........J

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    Would you sell that Vamp steering wheel??
    Ouch! Watch the face


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