% of wons bids on ebay


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    % of wons bids on ebay

    What pecent of the bids you think you win?I would have to say 2% for me.

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    5 percent...is been hard lately!

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    I remember one time i had 40 going and only won one of them.And i thought i had a high bid on them(70-100) but still nothing.Looks like everything is going over seas...

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    I'd say 25% for me...

    I don't bid often, but when I do, I usually am willing to pay for what I'm chasing...

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    I won a big majority of auctions I decide to bid on, But Im always watching auctions and depending and various factors ill decide I dont want something anymore

    But Id say I win 90% of all auctions bid on

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    80% probably, I rarely bid but when I do I usually win. If I don't win its because I value the item less than what the bidding went up to.
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    Probably 30-40%. I usually know if I'm going to win something when I bid or not, but I will still try to low-ball some auctions here or there that I only kind of want, hoping that no one else will notice the great deal.

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    I would say 30%. Lately for the past few months i've been outbid a lot at the last minute.
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