Rules & Reminders ~ Price complaints, bumping & eBay listings

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    Exclamation Rules & Reminders ~ Price complaints, bumping & eBay listings

    1> Complaints about a seller's prices have no place here.
    This forum is to sell things. If you don't like the price, move on to the next post.
    If you think it's too high and were hoping to get it for a lower price,
    contact the person off the board and discuss it.

    2> Please review the rules on bumping your posts.
    It's not fair to everyone else who is selling items if you don't follow
    the rules.
    Do not bump posts every day (bumping is adding a message to your post
    for the sole reason of bringing it to the top of the boards). You may bump
    your thread every three days.

    This rule applies to ALL classified sections, Sale/Trade/Wanted
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    Please use the "For Auction" category for eBay & other auction threads.
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