Need help finding a website who does head casts

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    Need help finding a website who does head casts

    Hi there. I was on joecustoms today and saw an awesome GI Joe style Hellboy figure.

    I remember months ago I came across a site that did custom casts that sold Hellboy's head and hand scaled for Joes.. Sadly, I have no idea what th sites name was. Does anyone know it?


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    asking about that kind of thing is taboo around here, but maybe asking on the Joecustoms forums would get you an answer (hint hint).
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    Check the JC Sponsor Broadcasts forum and look at their banner ads and you'll be GTG!
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    Yeti, PM me and point you in the right direction. I know exactly which site you are looking for.

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    Hey guys, Thanks to all of you, I was able to find it.

    Thanks so much.


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