Marauder gun runners

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    Marauder gun runners

    Just found that site and was wondering if anyone here has done any business with them. They have a ton of great looking accessories and I'm considering getting my 91 Snake Eyes some realistic swords, Roadblock a new mini gun, and Shockwave some actual SWAT team gear. I'm wondering what the quality of plastic is, and how real the stuff actually looks. From the site it all looks like the real thing. Does it all fit nicely in the hands of 82-94 Joes? How about delivery and dealing with the people running the site? Thanks, YO JOE!

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    I've done business several times, no problems. Most of the guns work well, but I've had a couple guns that the grips were either too small or too large. But it's good quality stuff. A lot of people around here have done business with him also.
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    You can't get better accessories than Marauder's. Shipping is usually within a few days. Like Lt. said, some of the grips are too large, especially for ARAH figures (M249b, old AK-47, new M240), but use an exacto knife to get a custom fit. The quality is very sturdy, not soft and bendable like a lot of Hasbro accessories, and the detail is unparalleled. Give 'em a shot!
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    i have bought frequently from them, I think a lot of their older stuff has small grips for the original figures (i can't remember exactly, but i think the old stuff has no rigger guards), the larger stuff is for the newer figures, and the quality is the best you can get. i am not 100% sure, but i am pretty sure they are legitimate plastic accessories (as opposed to resin).
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    I've done business with them before as well and the modular m-4 is top notch. The only problem I ever had is the .50 cal sniper rifle handle is a bit small.
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    They are great, enjoy!
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    i bought a set of Heavy Metal replacement mics (in black mind you to avoid any confusion), they were a breeze to deal with. I just saw their table at JoeCon, they have a TON of really great accy's to choose from, even off the wall stuff like the Colonial Marines pulse rifle from 'Aliens'. the detail is stupendous, go for it!!

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    Almost my entire weaponry is from Marauder, I paint the weapons too: see my collection.


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