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    And fyi, for all the silly conspiracy theorists, Hasbro is still trying to get more Joes in the stores - there is NO secret plan to deprive you of toys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    More to come later - there wasn't as much revealed as you all were hoping - next year I think you are going to get a TON of GI Joe with it being gthe movie year.
    what do you mean, "More to come"? are you going to be posting more info/pics of things that we have not seen or does Hasbro plan on releasing more images/info? What was released so far is amzing, but not a ton of new info. Are they planning on releasing more info every day? Could you please explain in one post, so that we know what to expect from this trade show. Your hard work is very apprciated. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    And fyi, for all the silly conspiracy theorists, Hasbro is still trying to get more Joes in the stores - there is NO secret plan to deprive you of toys.
    Not believing that one-they are TOTALLY against us

    Seems like a small preview for the year but that's a good thing-spend less money this year so we can save more to blow on next year's assortment

    Lots of rehashes with the hciles but like was predicted-they added elements of more details, removable parts etc that really add to the assortment-that shovel on the VAMP looks removable

    OH-and don't say that the yellow/green Stalker isn't a kick in the you know what-too funny

    I def like what I am seeing
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    Great news and even better pics...Can't wait to get my hands on those bad boys!

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    It seems that those shown today are supposedly going to be released by June, of course there could be delays. I'm sure we'll be getting even more in late summer and into fall that will be shown at Joe Con.

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    Who is on the RAM?
    is that Steeler?
    he is the only original Joe other than clutch with a shoulder holster right?
    needs an Uzi and binocs/night vis

    and a trooper with the cartoon rifle, never had one of those before.

    cant wait for sideshow tomorrow!

    PS Prowl's new fig rocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbluez
    Gotta love the black hiss tank and the trouble bubble beneath it.
    The Vehicles look Nice!

    But in my case i don't collect any Vehicles or Playsets. So if these come with figures? I'll have to buy them and sell the Vehicles/Playsets to someone who collects those. As long as i get my figures here. He! He! I'll be all set to go!

    Anyone by chance know any other web sites that are showing other Toys at Toy Fair made by other companies besides Hasbro? If so send me a PM and let me know.

    By: Captain-DC

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    Nice work on the coverage! Thanks for the updates.

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    I might have to get the MASS Device and the Weather Dominator. I'm a sucker for those odd little playsets
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    I'm loving that Battle Pack, best Destro and Lady Jaye I've ever seen!!!

    Did anyone else notice something wrong with Spirit's shirt? Is that just a paint error or is that what he's going to actually be sold like?
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.


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