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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay West
    Here's the big Con in Seattle:

    But really the only place you are likely to get exclusive Joe products are the Joe Convention - here is a link to last years. 2008's has not been announced:

    or San Diego Comic Con (probably the biggest Comic/Toy/Sci Fi fest in the country). No guarantee that there will be exclusive Joe product, but there will be exclusive toy products - it just depends on what lines the toy companies are pushing at the time
    Thanks a lot for the links.. This is all the information I need. I would really like to be able to go to the Jo convention.

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    I would like to become a member of the gi joe collecters club on one of the links you posted.. that way I can keep tuned in on the convention news. It says that signing up at troopers level of membership is free, then why do they require so much information??

    I guess what I am asking is if its pretty safe and there is no stipulations to that trooper level agreement.Does anyone else here have the trooper membership?

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    Good questions but let's keep this thread on topic of things people would like me to ask at Toy Fair.

    You can always start a thread or threads for the other stuff.
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    Any info you could get about the Art Asylum Star Trek line would be great. I know they have new DS9 guys coming out. Pics of them or any other news on future waves would be great.

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    I'm guessing that at most Hasbro's display will show the one wave that's popped up in Wal-Mart computers that they haven't shown off.

    Hawk (presumably v2), Bazooka, Barbecue, "Serpent," B.A.T., "Storm Shaow"

    If that's all they reveal, I'd like to know if that's what we can expect for this year. The leaked document indicated that about 25-30 single packs would be released. We're getting close to that number already. Will there be more?

    On Comic Packs, I'd imagine we'll see what these waves are about:
    Cobra Commando/Tripwire, Destro/Grenadier, Falcon/Nemesis, Snake Eyes/Hard Master, Wild Bill/Scrap Iron, Beach Head/Mainframe

    Again, I'm wondering if we'll see more by the end of the year. Rough numbers or the number of waves would be great.

    Then, I think we need to find out if Quick Kick, Lady Jaye (without a hat) and Scarlett are still in the works. It seems like so far the schedule is pretty tight without any of them, but since they were all but confirmed in Q&As, I'm thinking we can expect them at some point. It'd be nice to know when.

    Finally, Hasbro gave Transformers fans a heads-up on when Classics would end and the movie line would take over. I'd like to get a similar feel from Hasbro about GI Joe.

    Thanks for going so we don't have to!

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    will hasbro be releasing 3 & 3/4" joe vehicles? Maybe a flight pod, or Ferret, how about a Mirage Motorcycle packaged w/anyone but snake eyes???

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    I am leaving early next week - get ready for Toy Fair everyone!
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

    You can’t stop the signal

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    Maybe you can pass this along. This really only represents a small sample of about 30 voters many of who are newer members but this is what they want.

    As of 2/6/08 11:00 AM our top 10 picks for what we would like to see were:

    Three Way Tie for First-

    1.Hit & Run
    1.Snow Serpent
    5.Mutt & Junkyard

    Close behind: Ripcord;Airborne;Lowlight;Blowtorch;Tunnel Rat;Scrap-Iron;Leatherneck;Shockwave

    We'll see what they unveil. Thanks!

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    all i wanna see is what vehicles are going to be released for the 25th, to me thats what id get excited about not so much the figures.

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    How about seeing how Hasbro plans on keeping product on store shelves. I haven't seen anything but empty pegs since Christmas.


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