pictures of custom flaggs?

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    pictures of custom flaggs?

    i have seen pictures of custom uss flagg's before, repainted to cover up the yellow, and the deck painted black. One custom even had working lights. does anyone have any pictures of these saved on their computer?

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    Heres one I remember seeing over at Joecustoms. To bad the pics in the link dont work anymore.

    I think I have another one saved on my computer at home. Ill check when I get home tommorrow.

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    I remember some guy had that in his ebay store a few years back. Some guy in canada asking 500 bucks or so for it.

    Theres also these:
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    Those are sweet looking!!!!
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    There was a thread on Joecanucks that showed the Joe display at a toy store in B.C. There were multiple custom Flaggs, Defiants and TDs too. Now the threads gone... Anyone remember the name of that store?
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    The store is actually called 'Toy Traders' and it is in Langley, BC. Just opposite of Willowbrook Mall, if you have a chance you should check it out. And you can make fun of the owners pants, They are always way too big.
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    Here are a few good pictures of custom Flaggs:


    Cobra Anaconda (Pic heavy):

    The Anaconda looks like it still needs a lot of work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcone
    Here's a link to a custom Flagg project.
    Geez, that is like the most ambitious custom project ever! What's the status of this project? - Great screenshot archive ;)


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