Looking for some opinions about future updates on my site


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    Looking for some opinions about future updates on my site

    I was curious what others thought when they are out browsing/looking for Joe items.

    I'm in the process of sorting and updating my Vehicle Parts on my site and will soon be adding hundreds(if not thousands) of loose vehicle parts. To Joe fans its usually pretty obvious what they are bidding on so this leads to my question.

    When looking for specific items like vehicle parts, figure parts, file cards, etc...are pictures necessary?

    My site is a one man operation done on the side, sometimes I have enough trouble getting new items uploaded let alone taking pictures of everything.

    I'm thinking of compiling stock photo's of most figures, file cards, etc and using those rather than pictures of the actual items as that would be a huge undertaking.

    With the accesories and vehicle parts I'm considering over time taking pictures of some items as I get them but my accessory list is almost 1800 items long and the vehicle list is obscene so it would take a long time to get them all.

    Anywho, again curious what others think. Are pictures necessary?
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    I'm in a similar position to you. I'm currently planning to re-open my website with a store interface, and pictures are a huge monster lurking around my to-do list.

    Personally, even though it's going to be a painful process, I think pictures really are necessary. Sometimes a description or name just isn't clear enough for certain parts, particularly ones for "left", "right" side pieces, and when multiple types of missiles and bombs belong to the same vehicle. Perhaps doing accessories that fit that criteria would be the best way to do it.

    I agree that a stock photo is the best approach. I can't even imagine re-picturing the same part every time I get a new one. Just make sure the stock photo is representative of the condition of the item.

    The only thing I would suggest, and I plan to follow myself, is do a visible watermark or state somewhere on your website that certain pictures are stock photos and not the actual item.

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    I think pictures are a must for figures and filecards but not as crucial for vehicle parts and accessories. I just learned how to add multiple pictures on my website and will be soon listing full cardbacks that show both the front and the back of the card. Here is an example . I still have some resizing tweaking to do. I think most of us that have a Joe website all do this on the side and time is an asset that we do not have enough of. Good luck
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    Thanks for the tips guys, I was leaning towards pictures of all the complete figures or those with accessories, vehicles, MOC, file cards and the rest be stock.

    I think I'll slowly over time add pictures of accessories and parts, trying to do them all at once would be madness though.
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    maybe a link to the yojoe page or the site for reference if you dont have a pic?

    like shockwave pistol!

    see link : (etc)

    maybe that wqould work in the meantime

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    Talking Vehicle Part Identification Photos

    Original photo's for the actual complete figures and vehicles would be more important than individual pictures for accessories or vehicle parts.

    One way around the no picture for the vehicle part is to list under the notes section the exact reference to the vehicle part from hasbro blue print.
    For example. The 1986 Tomahawk has alot of removable parts.
    I've seen some auctions that state "Tomahawk Missile"
    You could have a reference pointing back like "See Tomahawk Blue Print" to check for part.
    Your listing would then either be Air to Ground Anti Obstacle Missile.
    Or 250lb Wing Mounted General Demolition Bombs.

    There are probably hundreds as you say other vehicles and examples you could give to differentiate between certain parts. The easier ones like individual steering wheels for land vehicles shouldn't be a problem.

    It's when a vehicle has multiple similar accessory types that you would need to incorporate an idea to get round it without taking individual pictures.

    I agree also with roboticplanet, as long as the item your selling is in the same condition as your stock photo their really shouldn't be a problem.

    Best of luck with this.
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