I'm looking to sell my childhood Joe toys. Nearly 20 years ago in my teenage years, I sold the majority of my Star Wars collection in one giant sale to help with repairs to a vehicle. The transaction left me sour after a time. I soon realized that the buyer had gotten the lot at a steal due to my inexperience.

As a collector (not G.I.Joe's), I understand the desire to get a bargain or a deal on the things we search for but there's also a fair price for these items. I'm posting this thread to get your advice for how best to go about selling this pile of toys next to me. I'm not afraid to piece it out over time, to list in on eBay or even to sell directly to any of the members of this forum. What are your rules for buying from eBay? What's the best way to sell a pile of accessories with no matching figure, one at a time or as a piled up lot? What about something like the Mobile Command Center with 15 missing parts?

Any advice here is most welcome. Thanks