AFA certification

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    AFA certification

    Ok so I've read Abunch of stuff from the AFA website. I've seached AFA certified GI Joes on ebay. So how much does it cost to have a 1985 figure graded & encased???

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    Depends, MOC or loose ? I don't know if you saw this but here it is anyway: Grading Costs - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    so the storm Shadow I recently aquired wood cost $50 to grade, case, & return ship?

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    Yep, assuming you select the Premium Tier option - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    MapQuest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.....

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    Where can the cases be found online?
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    Quote Originally Posted by performula
    Where can the cases be found online?

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    I agree with Volleydan, if you just want to protect your figures buy some cases online. I don't have a good opinion about AFA grading (and won't go into details here). We've had enough AFA discussions - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by performula
    Where can the cases be found online?
    I'M A MAC

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    Star Case #1 (the first one you see) for the 25th line?


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